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More Project Cafe Rumors - Games To Be Shown Off At E3 - (Updated) - Pure Nintendo

More Project Cafe Rumors – Games To Be Shown Off At E3 – (Updated)
  • On April 26, 2011

Update: Justin and I put a list of reasons together why we think this list may not be all bogus. Check it out HERE.

Of course these are only rumors…..but if only half were true…so awesome.

– Nintendo are planning a full reveal of the console, controller and 1st/2nd party games at E3.

– The console is confirmed to be backwards compatible with all Wii/Gamecube titles, and all your VC games will be transferred over once you link your credit card to the system.

– Many 3rd party developers have development kits who are supposedly hard at work to have something to show (and play) at E3.

– 3rd Parties were involved with the development of the console, with requests for what specifications they’d like to see. As of now (which could change) the system runs of a custom built IBM triple-core CPU and has 2gb RAM. The graphics chip is a custom built Radeon R700 chip.

– There is an internal SSD. Size is unknown at this point.

– It will run natively at 1080p.

– The new controller slightly resembles a Gamecube controller with a large LCD screen in the middle of it. The controller is light for its size and looks like a tablet with Gamecube-like prongs to the side. It has dual analogue sticks, face buttons, d-pad and shoulder buttons. No triggers were on the device.

– The screen on the controller is indeed a 6″ LCD high resolution (reported 640 x 960 pixels) display. However, Nintendo said in order to keep battery life manageable, the controller doesn’t have any hardware to produce graphics itself. The image is simply a video stream directly from the console.

– The controller uses rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Size of the battery is unknown.

– The Wiimote can be used and a new model of Wiimote will be released with the console. This new controller will have overhauled internals allowing for much more precise movement tracking than even the Wiimote Plus had.

– The Project Cafe system development kit is not representative of the final console design. The console is smaller and resembles the Japanese/European SNES models.

– Nintendo have told developers that their online system will be ‘the best online experience’ that’s available on consoles. The whole idea of the machine is to be connected to the internet 24/7. It’s being targeted as an online/social console. Friend codes are gone, but no word on whether the online service will be subscription based.

– The Pokemon RPG is the title Nintendo will be showing off their online experience with.

– As reported by other sources, Nintendo is targeting this console to the hardcore gamers once again.

– Nintendo is planning on some sophisticated inter-game communication between the 3DS and the console. Nintendo didn’t explain what they’re planning on.

To be shown at E3:

– Pikmin 3 (playable, launch title)
– Pokemon RPG (video, launch or near launch title)
– Super Mario Bros title (playable)
– Star Fox (playable)
– Smash Bros 4 (playable)
– Mario Kart (video)
– Zelda (tech demo)
– Metroid (tech demo)
– New IP (video)

Rockstar Games:
– Red Dead Redemption 2 (video)
– Grand Theft Auto “New Title” (video)

– Rayman Legends (playable)
– Red Steel 3 (playable)
– New IP (video)

– Final Fantasy XV

– Resident Evil (video)
– Megaman (video)
– Monster Hunter (video)

– NBA ’13 (video)
– NFL ’13 (video)
– NHL ’13 (video)

– Modern Warfare 3 (video)

– Metal Gear title (video)
– Winning Eleven (video)

– Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (playable)
– Soul Calibur 5 (video)
– Pacman Rebirth (video)

Update: Justin and I put a list of reasons together why we think this list may not be all bogus. Check it out HERE.


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  • Rogie Kidd

    If Smash 4 is real, I want to see a true sequel to Melee

  • justin

    Yeah, I really hope it’s true…I can see Pikmin 3 as being very likely as we already know it’s been in development for awhile and could easily have been moved to Cafe development last year which is why it wasn’t shown for Wii. All the other hardware rumors seem to be in line with what we’ve heard as well as backwards compatibility.

    We’ll know in just a few short weeks

  • TheCode

    I’m hoping for achievement points. Yes, Nintendo has gone through this discussion already saying they don’t favor the idea. However, I hope they change their minds. Also, some time after Brawl was released Sakurai (I believe) complained and asked why there were so little characters. So my question is, if they have the idea of new characters in mind for Smash 4…what new characters appeared in the Nintendo universe between Brawl and now? I see Metroid is on the list but I find that not too believable. I’m no expert in economics or video game release planning but Other M only came out a year ago I doubt they would release a new Metroid unless it was was the 3DS this soon. Finally, as an MGS fan I would like to say…..HELL YES!

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