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BioShock Infinite not coming to the Wii U - Pure Nintendo

BioShock Infinite not coming to the Wii U
  • On December 11, 2012

BioShock creative director Ken Levine told Destructoid that BioShock Infinite will be staying away from the Wii U. He went on to say he personally owns a Wii U, enjoys it, but has no intention to release BioShock Infinite on the Wii U or even develop for it at this time.

  • SturmDavenport

    why the hell not douchebag. your going to make tons off 360 and ps3 copies so why not take a chance with the wii U how very frustrating

    • james

      Agreed, it shouldn’t take that much extra work to port the game over to the Wii U.

    • J Money

      @SturmDavenport Whatever…his loss!  The developers who realize that the Wii U has an original concept and begin developing for it now, like Ubisoft, are the ones who are going to make the most money off of Nintendo’s new machine.  These developers that have already began developing for the Wii U will quickly learn how to take full advantage of the Wii U’s capabilities and really create some awesome experiences.

  • CoolDudeDuder

    Welcome to the city of Columbia. Floating amongst the clouds, cruising far above sea level, this is a place unlike any you’ve ever seen. Please enjoy your voyage… Have fun playing BioShock Infinite!