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Zelda Wii U to rethink Zelda conventions - Pure Nintendo

Zelda Wii U to rethink Zelda conventions
Justin Sharp

Busy day for Nintendo! The Legend of Zelda Producer, Eiji Aonuma, announced some new details about ‘Zelda Wii U’ during the Nintendo Direct this morning. Aonuma mentioned that the team is rethinking even more conventions of the Zelda franchise such as doing dungeons in a certain order and even playing the game by yourself. While I don’t think this will be a sequel to the Four Swords games, it does seem like Nintendo could have some sort of co-op in the game.


With several Wii U games already employing some sort of co-op (with one person using the GamePad and one using a Wii Remote), it would seem natural that Nintendo would use this to create the best of both worlds. Think about it, the biggest question mark for Zelda on the Wii U is how they’ll use the GamePad effectively or if they’re going to use it at all. Some people thought it would only use the MotionPlus + Nunchuk combo like in Skyward Sword. But with the Wii U, you could just use the Wii U GamePad and it would be more traditional Zelda controls.

So how do you solve this problem of either Wiimote/nunchuk and GamePad only?  Well, you use both!  Since Nintendo is rethinking the “play by yourself” convention, I believe they’ll have a co-op mode that will allow one person to be Link (using the Wii Remote/nunchuk for sword/shield) and one person to use the GamePad to control a new character (or possibly control items in the environment). It’ll be interesting if this character will be required to traverse the game or just an add-in player that would be helpful in certain areas. In either case, it’s exciting to think of the possibilities.

Now that I’ve rambled on, what do you guys think? What control scheme would you like to see in Zelda Wii U?

  • KevinLarson

    Oh I hope the have a second person be able to control Navi (or whatever substitute) to be able to fly around ad freely explore for you.

    • sharpjustin

      @KevinLarson That would be very cool!  I really think you could do some cool co-op in Zelda without making too many compromises in gameplay for long-time fans.

    • J Money

      @KevinLarson The player controlling Navi could have a button that could have ‘Hey listen!’ mapped to it!

  • NintendoPSX

    I still don’t see any definitive Zelda co-op mentioned but I could see something of a Four Swords returns.

    • sharpjustin

      @NintendoPSX Yeah, I always thought Nintendo would approach Wii U Zelda as 2 games.  One game would be a sequel to Four Swords, top-down, HD, etc.  And one would be the new HD Zelda with Wiimote/nunchuk controls.  That way you could still have a full (up to 4 people) multiplayer Zelda and then an all new single player Zelda with the Skyward Sword controls.  But when they mention ‘play by yourself’ as one of the items they’re ‘rethinking’, it leads me to believe it would be co-op or 2 player, not necessarily 4 player multiplayer.  This could be me just reading into it too much but I think it would make sense.  
      Need for Speed Most Wanted just announced their co-op mode for the Wii U that allows one person on the Wii U GamePad and the other to race with the Pro controller, Wii remote, or wiimote/nunchuk.  It would be interesting if Nintendo did this with Zelda because they could have 2 separate styles of play for the game which seems to be what Wii U games have been doing.  New Super Mario Bros. U for instance, Rayman Legends, etc.  All these games have some sort of different gameplay for the GamePad while someone else has the more ‘tradiitional’ controls.
      Ok, done rambling :)  I’m excited to see what they come up with that’s for sure :)

      • J Money

        @sharpjustin  @NintendoPSX I could totally see NIntendo having 2 player co-op in the Wii U Zelda with one person on the GamePAd and the other person with the Wiimote/Nunchuk.

  • MatthewPaxton

    Good thing I played many of the top-down Zeldas.  Those are heavy on free-exploration.  I was also thinking: If they made it so you can beat dungeons in any order, then that might limit the ability to solve puzzles with items acquired, such as the hookshot, boomerang, and bombs.  They could have multiple ways to solve a puzzle, but it would be easier after acquiring certain items.

  • KevinLarson

    another item for thought in regards to ugeo order was link to the past. once you got to the dak workd you could do most of th dungeons in any order. i always did