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Pure Nintendo and @AckkStudios debut custom cover art for Pure Nintendo Magazine - Pure Nintendo

Pure Nintendo and @AckkStudios debut custom cover art for Pure Nintendo Magazine
Justin Sharp

Nashville, TN – January 24th 2013 – Pure Nintendo and AckkStudios are proud to announce the exclusive cover art for Pure Nintendo Magazine’s February issue.  The cover showcases the amazing art created by the team at AckkStudios for their game entitled, Two Brothers.  The February issue has an exclusive preview for Two Brothers on the Wii U as well as art and screenshots you won’t see anywhere else!  The February issue of Pure Nintendo Magazine will be delivered to subscribers the first week of February.

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A little about Pure Nintendo Magazine  
Pure Nintendo Magazine is your #1 source for exclusive interviews, game previews, concept art, game reviews, puzzles and much more direct from the world of Nintendo!  Subscriptions available in print, digital, and the all-new interactive tablet version for the Google Play marketplace.

  • CoinCollector

    Great going!  Nothing better than fancy covers and exclusives.

  • WillVanZant

    That looks pretty amazing! However, could you clarify something? Was this art specifically created for Pure Nintendo Magazine, or is it just something that fits the magazine’s dimensions? I believed you said something about the Rayman Legends art being a PNM exclusive, then 2 months later I found that art in the latest issue of Game Informer. I may have read that wrong, but I was just curious.

    • J Money

      @WillVanZant The Two Brothers art you see here that Ackk Studios provided to Pure Nintendo for the cover of the February issue of Pure Nintendo Magazine was created exclusively for PNM.  I do not know what art you are referring to for Rayman Legends but the December Rayman Legends cover was created by Ubisoft’s art team exclusively for the cover of Pure Nintendo Magazine as well.

      • WillVanZant

        @J Money If you are subscribed to Game Informer, the art that you guys used for your cover is on page 80 on the top. If not, Imgur isn’t cooperating right now, so I am having problems uploading.

        • J Money

          @WillVanZant  Unfortunately I do not subscribe to Game Informer so I do not know what you are referring to.  Hopefully you are able to upload the image somewhere or wend us the image so we can see what you are talking about.  We do appreciate the fact that you are looking out for us though!

        • sharpjustin

          @J Money  @WillVanZant I just checked my Jan. Game Informer and they do indeed use that Rayman Legends art on page 80.  Our ‘exclusives’ for covers aren’t necessarily exclusive for all time.  They are more like timed exclusives.  We commissioned the new art to use for our magazines first but the companies still reserve the right to use it later on since more people can see it in different places.  And you can see in this case, Ubisoft used it in the Game Informer preview.  
          So long story short, we get them to custom make our covers exclusively for us, but they could use that art later if they want.  We still have it exclusive for our cover and no one else, even Game Informer, could use it on their front/back cover.  Hope that clears that up a little.
          We’ll have more exclusive covers in every issue from here on out as well so look forward to those :)

        • WillVanZant

          @sharpjustin  @J Money Ah, thanks for the quick responses! I appreciate when a website actually communicates with its users; this is one of the reasons I love Pure Nintendo so much! You saved me both the trouble of getting my file to upload to Imgur and trying to work my way around art-team logic. Thanks!