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Yoshi's Island 3DS Video (April 2013 Nintendo Direct) - Pure Nintendo

Matt Paxton
  • On April 17, 2013

It feels like a good year for SNES vetrans, as Nintendo has announced a new Yoshi’s Island for the Nintendo 3DS.  Keen-eyed viewers may notice that the art style is similar to that of the intro and outro of the SNES classic.  No launch date has been announced yet, but we may see one at this year’s E3.

  • NintendoPSX

    See this is what I wanted them to make on Wii U not that yarn ugliness. THIS IS THE TRUE YOSHI!

  • Ningeek185

    WHOOO-HOO! I’m super happy with this upcoming release. I’ve never played a Yoshi’s Island game, but I obviously gotta try it. I got the Club Nintendo Game Card Case around Christmas time, and since then only three games are in it. (I have another six in my other case) But now it looks like I’ll have to get another!

    • Justin ‘J Money’

      I have not played a Yoshi’s Island game either and I am really looking forward to playing this!

  • TrevG1

    This looks much more promising imho than Yarn Yoshi, or whatever the Wii U game will be called.