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Nintendo is still thinking on the name for Zelda 3DS - Pure Nintendo

Nintendo is still thinking on the name for Zelda 3DS
  • On April 18, 2013

Yesterday Nintendo announced the first new Zelda game on the Nintendo 3DS. Yesterday the unofficial name, which seemed to be more tied with the Japanese version,  was A Link to the Past 2. Here’s what NOA Bill Trinen had to say.

“There is a ‘2’ in the Japanese title. So, yeah, I think as I described today, it’s an all-new game, it is an all-new story. From a story perspective there are connections, so it does fall after A Link to the Past. And it’s set in the same world, but introduces that new gameplay mechanic. So, yeah, I guess by that definition …”

Do you like the idea of adding a 2 or would you like something else? What would you call this Zelda game?


  • TrevG1

    I don’t really care for just a 2 being added … although I suppose anything would be better than “New” Zelda.

    • NintendoPSX

      What’s that supposed to mean?

      • James

        I take it to mean it will probably be called a Link to the Past 2 but Nintendo is not ready to confirm that.

      • TrevG1

        Like Nintendo has done with the 2d Mario series … New Super Mario Bros. etc… The “New” has lost it’s meaning, especially since the games look sound and play so similarly. I just think it’s poor naming, and would be disappointed if they took a similar route with the new Zelda game.

        • Justin ‘J Money’

          I am sure that Nintendo will come up with a great name for the new Link to the Past Game. Nintendo is usually very good at creating good names for titles in the Zelda franchise.

  • Justin ‘J Money’

    A Link to the Present ;)

  • alex schramke

    A Link to the Past 2: The Sacred Scrawl


  • Ningeek185

    Listen, I’m sick of Nintendo getting the idea to add “2’s” to all of their games. Why not

    something original? I’d like to see this: Legend of Zelda: Wizard of Wisdom, or Legend of Zelda: The Scroll of Wisdom.