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New Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL Bundle Incoming - Pure Nintendo

Justin 'J Money' Hinton

On the Nintendo Direct last week a new 3DS XL hardware bundle was announced!  This new 3DS XL bundle includes a special Animal Crossing themed 3DS XL and it comes with the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf game pre-installed on the SD card.  The Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS XL bundle will hit store shelves on the same day as the June 9th game launch.  The price for the bundle is set for $219.99.

animal crossing new leaf bundle

  • alex schramke

    Nice to see we are getting some nice 3ds xl special edition love finally. I was stating to get jealous of Japan and Europe!

  • TrevG1

    Even though I am very excited about this game, that 3DS looks like a Fisher Price toy. When are we going to get some more solid colors? A plain silver, white, green, black, grey, etc … Maybe I am in the minority when it comes to colors, I don’t know. Nevertheless, I will be buying Animal Crossing in one form or another (undecided if I’m going to download or not)

    • alex schramke

      I can feel your pain regarding the lack of colors available, Trev. To me, this design seems like it would be more popular in the Japanese market. Red is my favorite color so i’m happy with the 3ds xl I own. I’m seriously considering going for the digital download for this title. Usually I don’t spring for the digital downloads, but this is the kind of game I like to pop in for anywhere from 15 mins to a couple of hours so it’s nice to have it on the system without it taking up the cartridge slot.

      • TrevG1

        After thinking about it for a while and going back & forth, I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy a physical copy of Animal Crossing. For games that are available at retail, I’m very hesitant to go digital. Nintendo’s restrictive DRM & lack of a true account system is very antiquated, and I don’t really want to support such outdated practices. I just hope the retail release has some nice artwork!

        • alex schramke

          I was hesitant for all the same reasons. So far, it seems Microsoft is the only one who is handling digital downloads properly. I hope withenough fan outcry, it’s something that Nintendo addresses soon.

          • TrevG1

            I hope so too. Better late than never …

    • Justin ‘J Money’

      I agree but I tend to agree with most others on the internet. This looks like a Nintendo Pop Tart.

  • Eli Courey

    I love Animal Crossing, but there’s no way I’d buy that 3DS.