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Wii U Virtual Console not being released tomorrow? - Pure Nintendo

Wii U Virtual Console not being released tomorrow?
Christian Mills

While most people were expecting the Wii U Virtual Console to launch on April 23rd, it seems like Nintendo has other plans.



The above photo was recently published on Nintendo’s Facebook page, which seems to point to a full launch title list, rather than the service itself launching tomorrow.  Many, including myself, are disappointed by this a setback, especially since Nintendo has been hyping it’s many 30 cent games like Kirby’s Adventure so heavily.  When will we see an official launch?  Who knows.  Hopefully it’s soon enough to catch all of the good deals and before the hype wears off too badly.

  • Justin ‘J Money’

    Nintendo did say during their presentation last week that the Virtual Console would launch the day after the update, which is supposed to occur this week. So regardless of what people are speculating, I would not expect to see the Virtual Console until after the update.

    • Christian Mills

      Ah, good point. I had forgotten about that tidbit of info.

      • Justin ‘J Money’

        I don’t think you are the only one who has forgotten that. People are in such a tizzy when Nintendo announces the tiniest bit of news. There is nothing wrong with being excited but Nintendo did clearly say that the VC would launch after the update. So when people found ‘news’ that could possibly hint at otherwise, they took it as fact and got disappointed when it didn’t happen the way they thought it would. First and foremost, Nintendo will launch the Virtual Console when they are ready. But I think that the internet should be a little more patient and wait until after the Wii U update before getting upset that VC has not arrived yet.

  • TrevG1

    If only the system had launched with the Virtual Console like its predecessor did …