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Nintendo sends out message to Wii owners telling them it is time to upgrade - Pure Nintendo

Nintendo sends out message to Wii owners telling them it is time to upgrade


I cannot say the last time I checked my Wii message board. In-fact, I would be surprised if people still do. I know some of those older-type gamers that have no clue what that blue flashing light on the Wii  even means. (except for looking cool)


  • TrevG1

    I still check the message board on occasion, but I can’t imagine it will be especially helpful in convincing people to upgrade.. As a big Nintendo fan, the main things stopping me from upgrading today are cost and lack of must have games. $349 may be a good value for the hardware, but it’s still a bit too steep for me at present. Also, the Wii U needs exclusive games that I can’t live without …

    I’m usually at least a year behind when it comes to upgrading. I didn’t get an N64 until about a year in. I held off on a Gamecube until Wind Waker came out. I was a year later for the original DS, and just recently picked up a 3DS. Being a bit late allows not just a potential price cut, but more great games to come out, and improvements all around (e-shop support, new channels, etc …)

    Hopefully by x-mas, the catalog of games will be too strong for me to ignore. As much as I love Nintendo’s classic IP’s though, it’s new stuff that’ll draw me in … Wonderful 101, I’m looking at you!

  • NintendoPSX

    I don’t get why people need to mention these “lack of games” it’s only a lack if you don’t want to expand your library. Plus, you KNOW there are games coming out, so why wait till later? Buy up now and when the game comes out, you’re good to go.
    They keep saying “Oh I’ll wait till Mario and Zelda” well there are Mario and Zelda’s coming out and theres more to the Wii U than those two IP’s. Ugh it disgusts me. Just buy it now and when the games come out, you’re all set and ready.

    • TrevG1

      But why would someone buy a Wii U right now if there aren’t games they really wanted to play? Outside of early adopters, few would spend $300 + If there weren’t games they absolutely wanted to play immediately.

      The reality is the Wii U library has a lot of ports. Even enhanced, they are still ports. Zelda Mario, and whatever original IP’s Nintendo has up their sleeves is what is going to move the system at large. Relying on future releases (which are inevitably delayed) to move systems today hasn’t worked thus far. Come x-mas time it will likely be a different story.

    • Justin ‘J Money’

      There are a lot of great games out there for the Wii U. Yes there are a lot of staples coming later this year and probably early next year but the ‘lack of games’ that everyone keeps falling back on is a bunch of hog wash. As I continue to say, the retail selection of games for the Wii U is a little sparse but when you combine it with the eShop offerings, the Wii U has a lot of games available to play.

      • TrevG1

        But is it a lack of games in general, or rather a lack of AAA original games? What has Nintendo published since launch? Nintendo’s often struggled to space games out at a fairly consistent rate … less 3rd party support only makes that more evident.

        Again, come x-mas things should be much better … I’m hoping for a nice new bundle for the holiday season.

        • Justin ‘J Money’

          What is with the obsession over AAA games? The way of AAA games is on the way out. Gamers better realize this or they will be very disappointed. Games do not have to be AAA to be good. I find myself enjoying some of these indie games as much, if not more, than the AAA titles.

          • TrevG1

            I love indie games too, but we need to be honest and acknowledge that they are not the sort of games that traditionally sell systems.

            Admitting that Nintendo’s AAA franchises are what usually move people to upgrade and invest several $100 in a new system doesn’t seem like obsessing to me … just taking a realistic look at the state of gaming.

            I truly love Nintendo, but I don’t allow that to let me turn a blind eye to their current situation. The Wii U has sold very poorly in 2013, and game delays have played a huge part in that.

            Thankfully it is just temporary.

          • Justin ‘J Money’

            You a right, indie games do not sell systems but a lack of AAA games also doesn’t mean that a system has a lack of games.