Wiimote Strap Issues

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Apparently, Nintendo is listening to cries to address the skinny strap issue with the Wiimote. Nintendo has officially made a page available on their site that offers thicker replacement …
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New SSX Blur Details

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GoNintendo has some extra details from the latest EGM magazine:

  • Control rider w/ nunchuk tilting
  • Use Wiimote to perform tricks.
  • Different motions mean different tricks (like painting motions)

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Hotel Dusk: Room 215 for the NDS

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Nintendo is developing a game called, “Hotel Dusk: Room 215,” it is being co developed by Cing the developers of Trace Memory. This game starts in the year 1979, …
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Prince of Persia: TTT Wii Confirmed!

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UPDATE: Updated article with pics from new NP mag.

I don’t know if I’ve gotten my next Nintendo Power issue before everyone else, but it is LOADED with great …
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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Due Spring ’07

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The latest issue of Nintendo Power (V. 212) gives a time period for the US release (FINALLY!) of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

The duo of DS games should hit …
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