Famitsu most wanted

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1. Final Fantasy XIII (Playstation 3/Enix Public garden) (–) 2. Persona 3 (Playstation 2/Atlus) (+1) 3. Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS/Enix Public garden) (- 1) 4. Biohazard 5 (Playstation 3/Capcom) …
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Wii pr0n!!

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Some absolutely amazing shots from the Wii showcase in Spain this past week!


Weekly Japanese Sales (June 19-25)

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The latest sales figures are in.

– DS Lite: 157,022 – PS2: 25,467 – PSP: 24,737 – DS Phat: 10,132 – GBA SP: 3,784 – Game Boy Micro: 1,502 …
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Update: Wii Front Cover Hi-Res

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Here it is folks! The infamous front cover to Wii in all its glory. :)

atlus announces new rpg for nds!

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atlus has announced Sekaiju NO Meikyu, for the nds.

bomberman for the wii!

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the bomberman demo for the wii at e3, played like mario party consisting of mini games. go over to, “” for more info.

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