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The Way Games Work : Wii U GamePad

December 5, 2012 |

Ever curious about how the GamePad for Nintendo’s Wii U works? Well you can a lot of different explanations online but you also might come across a lot of technical jargon that, I have to admit, sometimes I don’t even understand. … Read More

RUMOR – GamePads Cost $85

December 5, 2012 |

Twitter user ‘zmiller1902‘ recently sent in his GamePad back to Nintendo due to a defective ZL button.  The interesting part is when Nintendo sent him a new GamePad they also included an invoice that showed the cost of the GamePad. … Read More

Wii U – The Chore Killer

December 4, 2012 | 1

The Wii U has absolutely consumed most of my free time.  It really is not my fault though because I blame Nintendo.  They have provided great games on an outstanding console and Nintendo has effectively killed my ability to get … Read More

Wii U – Holiday Mall Experience Video

December 4, 2012 |

In shopping malls across the United States people are being given the opportunity to try out various games on the Nintendo Wii U.  The games that are available to demo are not only limited to more family oriented titles … Read More

Want to see Pokemon Red/Blue in 3D? Check out this fan-made mod

December 4, 2012 | 1

Pokémon3D – Trailer 2 – Indie DB

Thanks to NintendoPSX for the tip!

Read More

PN Review: New Super Mario Bros. U

December 3, 2012 |

Review comes from Nate PN VP/business development. 

Mario, Luigi and friends are sitting down for a nice cup of tea. Heard this story before? The one where Mario and company get thrown out of the castle and into mushroom … Read More

PN review: Rabbids Land

December 1, 2012 | 1

By J. Casalino, who thinks that SMB3 might just be the best game ever created.  Next to Metroid Prime. Or maybe one of the Zelda games.

Whenever I see a game with “The Perfect Party Game” or something similar printed … Read More

Trine 2: Director’s Cut Released For Wii U In European Launch

December 1, 2012 |

Helsinki, Finland – 30 November 2012  Finnish game developer Frozenbyte is proud to announce the European release of Trine 2: Director’s Cut for Nintendo’s new console Wii U™. Available now on the Nintendo eShop, Trine 2: Director’s Cut … Read More

PN Review – Little Inferno

November 30, 2012 |

Little Inferno, developed by the Tomorrow Corporation, is one of few Wii U eShop titles available on launch day. From the trailer that I had seen before the launch of Little Inferno, the game looked pretty disturbing. What … Read More

Nintendo Power Magazine – The Final Cover

November 29, 2012 | 1

This would be an opportune time to subscribe to Pure Nintendo Magazine!Read More

A Comprehensive Collection Of Nintendo Wii U How To Videos

November 29, 2012 |

If you are having difficulty using any features on your shiny new Wii U, then Nintendo is here to help!  They have been kind enough to put together a bunch of different ‘How To’ videos on several … Read More

Wii U GamePad Vs. Concrete Sidewalk…Guess Which One Wins?!

November 29, 2012 |

Over at GizmoSlip they were kind enough to test the durability of the Wii U GamePad.  If you were concerned about what kind of abuse the GamePad can take, let the GizmoSlip video below put all of your fears to … Read More

The Golden Nunchuk Has Sold Out Again

November 27, 2012 | 1

The popular Gold Nunchuk has sold out on Club Nintendo once again!  Recently Nintendo decided to bring the golden Wii peripheral back to Club Nintendo after it sold out during its premiere appearance on Nintendo’s rewards website in August … Read More

PN Review – Paper Mario: Sticker Star

November 26, 2012 |

This article was written by our new contributor Jake Spafford. 

Paper Mario is a fantastic series.  I have fond memories of the first installment for the Nintendo 64, and I also loved the second game in the franchise, The Thousand … Read More

PN Review: Wii U

November 26, 2012 |

Coming into this business soon after the launch of the Wii and sadly dropping the ball on a 3DS review, the Wii U is my first attempt at a console review. I went back and forth on … Read More

GameStop to have limited stock of Wii U’s

November 22, 2012 |

According to the GameStop affiliates email, the electronic games store has a very limited stock of Wii U’s. Seeing this is Thanksgiving in the States one can only assume they mean for Black Friday. Anyone brave enough to tackle Black Friday for … Read More