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Nintendo Power – review scores

May 28, 2009 | 1


The Conduit-8.0 Let’s Tap-7.0 Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings-7.5 Ghostbusters-7.5 Knights in the Nightmare-8.0 Lego Battles-5.0 The Munchables-7.0 Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming-8.0 Boom Blox Bash Party-8.0 Grand Slam Tennis-7.5 Phantom Brave: We Meet Again-8.0 Roogoo Attack-4.0 Naruto … Read More

Famitsu Review Scores

May 27, 2009 |

Review [NDS]Kodawari Saihai Simulation: Ocha no Ma Pro Yakyuu DS 6,5,6,5 [PSP]Nishimura 5,6,7,6 [PSP] Evangelion Jo 7,7,7,7

[PS3] The Last Guy 7,7,7,6 [Wii] Arc Rise Fantasia 8,8,8,8 [PS2] Evangelion Jo 6,7,6,7


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Nintendo Power: Conduit Review

May 23, 2009 |


- 8.0 – Great adventure, but doesn’t measure up to “big guns” of the genre. – Predictable story. – Unimpressive AI. – Little innovation aside from the controls… -…yet their quality, which owes a lot to … Read More

Pure Nintendo Review: MadWorld

May 6, 2009 | 1

Highly stylized environments, blood, violence, over-the-top ways to inflict damage, fully motion controls, and all sorts of crazy carnage—welcome to a very Mad World! MadWorld was announced last year and is one of the first, great hardcore games for the Wii. The game really shows that a game can look good and play just as good on the Wii without high-def graphics. MadWorld employs a black and white and red all over approach, and it couldn’t be better!

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Famitsu review scores

April 22, 2009 |

X-Blades (PS3/Xbox 360, Ubisoft): 7 / 7 / 6 / 6 – (26/40) Tir Na Nog (PS2, SystemSoft): 5 / 5 / 3 / 4 – (17/40) Tir Na Nog (PSP, SystemSoft): 5 / 4 / 6 / 5 – … Read More

Famitsu review scores

April 8, 2009 |

Killzone 2 (PS3 – Dengeki) - 80/85/80/90 Little Anchor (PS2 – Dengeki) 85/100/75/90 Phantasy Golf Pangya Portable (PSP) – 7/8/8/7 Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat II – Unmei no Futari (DS) - 5/5/6/6 Phantasy Golf Pangya Portable (PSP – Dengeki) 85/85/75/70 Read More

Purenintendo Review: Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars

April 6, 2009 | 3

Rockstar was kind enough to send me a review copy of Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars, and you as the reader have been kind enough to wait for my review, so here it is.


I wanted to start out talking about the story, because in all honesty this is the weakest part of the game. It’s your typical GTA story line. A young man from China named Huang Lee, a member of the Chinese Triad is sent to Liberty City to deliver his family sword to his uncle after his father’s death. As he arrives, Huang is shot and left for dead at the bottom of the river. The story takes the normal GTA spin while you help Huang rise from the bottom of the crime ring to the top anyway possible.


One of the first things I would like to point out, is a new feature that has never been in a GTA game before, the fact that the game can be saved anywhere, when a mission is not in progress. Earlier GTA’s you had to find your way back to your safe house, which sometimes took some time, depending on how much you cared about purchasing safe houses. We were told during our hands on time with China Town Wars at Comic Con, that this was done because the DS is a “on the move system.” Most people are not going to have time to sit down and play hours after hours of GTA on their DS. People are more for playing their DS on the way to school work or on a quick break.

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Famitsu Review Scores

March 31, 2009 |

・PSP Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes 8/7/8/8 ・DS Happy Cooking 7/6/6/6 ・DS Super Auto Salon: Custom Car Contest 6/6/5/6 ・DS  Rhythm de RunRunRun 8/7/7/7 ・PS2 Arcana Heart 2 6/7/6/5 ・Wii Oboro Muramasa 9/9/8/8 – Single player mode 10~12 hours, two players about 30 hours – Great graphics and sound, and the difficulty … Read More

Official Nintendo Magazine Review Scores

March 13, 2009 |


madworld 85% pro evolution soccer 2009 93% sonic and the black knight 78% don king`s boxing 85% new play control: mario power tennis 77% snk arcade classics vol 1 84% broken sword: the directors cut 86% job island 78% … Read More

MadWorld Metareview

March 13, 2009 |

  • 1UP (A-): “The design constraints of Nintendo’s system forced the developers at Platinum Games to be creative, and they followed through on their creativity by putting together a thoroughly enjoyable brawler with just the right amount … Read More

Famitsu Review Scores

March 11, 2009 |

Super Robot Taisen K – 9887 Wii Power Pro – 8899 Tiger Woods Wii (not PGA Tour 10) – 7878 Winter Sports – 6666 Monopoly Wii – 7665

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