Category: Animal Life, Simulation, Adventure
Multiplayer mode: Simultaneous
Players: 1-2
Age rating: 7
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: ARIKA
Release date: Q1 2010

The World is Your Oyster

Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep builds on the underwater experience first introduced in Endless Ocean. While the previous game emphasised relaxation, this instalment is designed with a sense of adventure in mind. Divers will find themselves escaping from and calming down attacking sharks, exploring shipwrecks or finding sunken treasure. Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep also has more creatures and improved graphics designed to fully immerse players in an aquatic environment that they can freely explore at their own pace.


  • Players dive into oceans and rivers all around the world to discover the fish, mammals and various other creatures unique to each region, while learning about their habits and behaviours. By selling salvageable items for money, players can buy decorations for their own private reef to attract fish. Players can even populate a fully-fledged aquarium for human guests!
  • The ocean is teeming with life. Hundreds of real-life species are there to be discovered, from seahorses and giant squid to the living fossils of ancient times!
  • Are the local fish sick or agitated? Players can view their health status and then use a tranquilizer-like tool called the Pulsar to zap the ones in need of some rehab back to health.
  • The game includes a full storyline for players to enjoy. The plot follows Océane and her grandfather Jean-Eric, and their investigation into the mysterious “Song of Dragons”, which Océane’s father, a prominent ocean explorer, was searching for just before his death. Along the way they will travel the world, discovering lost sunken ruins and traversing the great ocean depths!
  • While at Nineball Island, players can teach new tricks to dolphins and small whales that have been befriended in the wild. When on a dive, players can even bring along one of these animal partners and hold on to it for extra fast swimming!
  • Players can use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to swim with friends, while using Wii Speak to talk to each other. (A broadband connection is required.)