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Latest Koopa Kast – Episode 63

“Looking at Nintendo’s DNA”: I’m sure you’ve heard the news. If you haven’t, why aren’t you reading our website more? Well, out of the goodness of my heart, I guess I can catch you up. The gaming press certainly has had a busy few days after Nintendo announced a few changes in the coming future. First up, Nintendo has teamed up with Mobile developer, DeNA (pronounced like DNA) to deliver games to the mobile market, something many have asked of the Tokyo-based company for a few years. The first of these titles will be available sometime later this year. Following this announcements, Nintendo’s stocks have been in an uptake. Nobody panic, because Nintendo has not decided to leave the console market. Quite the contrary.

Following the DeNA announcement, Nintendo President Iwata revealed a few details of Nintendo’s upcoming console, currently dubbed “NX”. The newest console is currently under development, and utilizes a new concept (as is par for Nintendo’s course). What this concept is has not been revealed. However, Iwata has stated that Nintendo will reveal more information in 2016 (likely at E3 2016).

Now that you are all caught up, you will be ready to watch our live podcast, Koopa Kast. Is Nintendo right to go mobile? Is it too soon for a new console? Will the console be called “The New Wii U”? Join Matt and Justin Sharp as we talk about the ups and downs of Nintendo’s latest decisions, and what they could possibly mean for business and consumer alike.
Crew: Matt, Justin, Alex J-Money,

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Koopa Kast crew:

James Higginbotham – Producer and Host, Web Editor-in-Chief

Editor-in-chief of Likes long walks through the rain forest of South America. Enjoys picnics and Unicorns.

Matt Paxton – Multimedia Manager and Host / Writer

From the first Nintendo Entertainment System, Matt has been a fan of the Japanese gaming company. Matt first made contact with the Pure Nintendo Crew via an interview about Pure Nintendo’s charity marathon for Child’s Play Charity in 2012.

Other Kast members:

Justin Sharp – Founder / PNM Editor-in-Chief

Pure Nintendo founder and all around Nintendo geek. User-Interface Developer by day, Nintendo gamer and Pure Nintendo maintainer by night. Proud owner of almost every Nintendo system built including GB, GB Pocket, GBC, GBA, GBA SP, GB Micro, DS Phat, DS Lite, DSi, 2 NES’s, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, 3DS, 3DS XL and a Wii U.

Eli Courey – Editor

Pure Nintendo contributor and Senior Editor of My two biggest hobbies in life are Nintendo and Apple. Without either one, I have no reason to live.

Alex Schramke – Writer

I have been a huge Nintendo fan ever since I was able to pick up a controller. While I have played many genres over many different game consoles, my favorite series will always be the Legend of Zelda. I love collecting games and systems, and I currently have a boxed and complete set of every Legend of Zelda game out there. I love writing for Pure Nintendo and I hope everyone will enjoy the articles I write.

Justin ‘J-Money’ Hinton – Assistant Editor

Hi my name is Justin. J-Money is a nickname I’ve had for years. I am the Assistant Editor for and Pure Nintendo Magazine. I love racing/driving games; my favorite games in the racing genre come from the Need For Speed franchise. I also have, what some would probably call, an unhealthy obsession with zombies. Besides video games, I also like movies, music, Magic: The Gathering and cars. My favorite car…the Nissan 370Z.

Tristan Meiman – Writer

Hi there! Nintendo was the company that introduced me to the gaming world and will always be my personal favorite. My favorite franchise is The Legend of Zelda and my favorite game would have to be Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars. I graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a major in Journalism. Video Games are both a hobby and a passion to me, as I feel they are another medium of story telling.

Thomas Jones – Writer / Designer

What up y’aaall! When I’m not writing articles for Pure Nintendo, I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator who loves to create video game artwork. I hail from England but am currently fighting trolls and searching for dragon gold in Middle Earth, New Zealand. My favourite franchise is The Legend of Zelda but I’m also a huge Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid fan but play just about anything. I also like to collect Nintendo consoles, games and trinkets.

Trevor Gould – Writer

Even though I was first introduced to video games with the Atari 2600 (I feel old) it was Nintendo that turned me into a lifelong fan. From the magical NES era when Nintendo was the face of gaming, through today with the 3DS, Wii U (and everything in between) Nintendo’s always entertained me with their innovative, and just plain fun games! Writing for Pure Nintendo has allowed me to combine a fondness for journalism with my love of gaming. I’ve especially enjoyed building working relationships with smaller and independent developers and studios.

Previous Koopa Kast episodes


Episode 1

Our Koopa Kast is back! Join us as we discuss everything about the Wii U including our most anticipated launch games, franchises we’d love to see use the Wii U Gamepad, and more.

Crew: James, Justin, Kevin, J-Money, Ben, & Alex

Episode 2

The Pure Nintendo team gets together for Koopa Kast Episode 2. In this episode we discuss the history of, Wii U, and more!

Crew: James, Alex, Justin, Kevin, & Matt

Episode 3

In episode 3 we discuss the Wii U after having a couple of days of hands on time with it and we share our first impressions of Nintendo’s new console!

Crew: James, J-Money, Kevin, & Matt

Episode 4

The Pure Nintendo team gets together for Koopa Kast Episode 4 and is joined by another member of the team, Eli, for the first time. We talk more about the Wii U and also about the recently announced Wii Mini.

Crew: James, Ben, Eli, J-Money, Kevin, & Matt

Episode 5

In episode 5 we discuss the December 5th Nintendo Direct, the future of the Wii U going into 2013, throwing people at other people, and much more!

Crew: James, Ben, J-Money, Justin, & Matt

Episode 6

The Pure Nintendo team gets together for the last Koopa Kast before the ‘end of the world’ or also known as ‘Episode 6’. In this episode we take a look back on the year 2012 in Nintendo gaming, discuss what we would like to see from Nintendo in 2013, and also talk about who is watching My Little Ponies.

Crew: James, Eli, Justin, Kevin, & J-Money

Episode 7

The world didn’t end in 2012 so the Pure Nintendo team gets together for Episode 7 which is the first Koopa Kast of 2013. In this episode we discuss game piracy, indie games, Nintendo TVii, big Pokemon news from the January 8th Pokemon Direct, and we even reinvent the cable industry!

Crew: Justin, J-Money, & Eli

Episode 8

In episode 8 we talk about Justin Sharp’s stealthy entry into E3 in 2008, the team treating themselves to the VIP section at a 2008 Activision event in 2010, and sitting front and center at the Nintendo press conference during E3 in 2011.  We also discuss violence in video games, the ESRB rating system, Reggie’s love for gaming, and much more!  Even watch us watching YouTube videos!

Crew: James, J-Money, Justin, Kevin, & Matt

Episode 9

In episode 9 we discuss what developers could do with the Wii U going into the future, the dreaded Rayman Legends delay, February 14th Nintendo Direct predictions, digital game downloads, virtual console possibilities, and James’ underwear?…

Crew: James, Alex, Eli, Justin, & Kevin

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 10[/button]

In episode 10 we discuss the cost of GamePads, racing games, and announcements coming out of the February 14th Nintendo Direct including the ‘Year of Luigi’.  We also touch on a couple past topics including indie games and Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends delay.  The team even tries their hand at creating new gaming genres!

Crew: James, Ben, & Matt

[button link=”″ size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 11[/button]

In episode 11 we discuss game reviews, the scores reviewers give games, and what kind of effects these game review scores have on the industry.  We also touch on Digital Rights Management (DRM) and ‘always online’ games, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and the rumored Deus Ex Wii U Port.

Crew: James, Kevin,

J-Money, & Alex

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 12[/button]

In episode 12 we discuss the Wii U game release schedule for the later half of 2013, news from PAX East, Wii U software support, the perils of digital game downloads, and the team begins brainstorming ideas for Wii U apps*!

*Ideas in development that are discussed during this Koopa Kast are trademarked, copyrighted, and patent pending.

Crew: James, Ben,

J-Money, & Justin

[button link=”″ size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 13[/button]

In episode 13 we discuss the Batman: Arkham Origins announcement, Deep Silver added to the growing list of companies that are not supporting the Wii U, the affect large game companies have on the industry, reactions to the various articles that call for Mr. Iwata to step down, and ‘fanboyism’ in gaming.

Crew: James, Eli, Alex, & Justin

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 14[/button]

The Pure Nintendo team gets together for Koopa Kast Episode 14 and Chris Bennion, Founder of Utah 3DS StreetPass, joins the Kast for the first time. In this episode we discuss Satoru Iwata’s new role at Nintendo, Wii U hardware and software sale, the Virtual Console launch, an important Wii U firmware update, and the announcements from the April 17th Nintendo Direct.

Crew: James, J-Money, Alex, Kevin, & Special Guest: Chris Bennion, Founder of Utah 3DS StreetPass

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 15[/button]

The Pure Nintendo team gets together for Koopa Kast Episode 15 and Tristan, another team member, joins the Kast for the first time. In this episode we discuss Nintendo’s announcement that they are scaling down their presentations at E3 2013, we briefly touch on the EA/Nintendo debacle again, Nintendo’s unique ways of conducting business, the pitfalls of digital game downloads, and we name our least favorite Zelda and Mario games (yes, bad Zelda and Mario games do exist).

Crew: James, Alex, Ben, Justin, Kevin, & Tristan

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 16[/button]

The Pure Nintendo team gets together for Koopa Kast Episode 16 with special guest, Chris Bennion, Founder of Utah 3DS StreetPass. The crew discusses his article “5 features that should come in future Wii U update” The crew also dives into the last Nintendo Direct and the Xbox One announcement.

Crew: James, J-Money, Justin, Kevin, Matt, Tristan, & Special Guest: Chris Bennion, Founder of Utah 3DS StreetPass

[button link=”″ size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 17[/button]

The crew keeps things light, during this Pre-E3 show, as the crew gears up for the onslaught of E3 the following week. Check out some discussion of what the crew expects and hopes for during E3 2013.

Crew: James, Alex, Eli,

J-Money, Justin, Tristan, & Special Guest: Chris Bennion, Founder of Utah 3DS StreetPass

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 18[/button]

Day One of our E3 2013 coverage.

Crew: James, Jake, & Christian

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 19[/button]

Day Two of our E3 2013 coverage.

Crew: James, J-Money, Matt, & J Casalino

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 20[/button]

Day Three of our E3 2013 coverage.

Crew: James, J-Money, Eli, & Kevin

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 21[/button]

The crew gathers, for the first Koopa Kast since E3 2013, to talk about stuff….Like a little more about E3, what Nintendo could do with F-Zero, Nintendo development and lots more.

Crew: James, J-Money, Justin, Kevin, Matt, & Tristan

[button link=”” background size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 22[/button]

The PN crew is still talking about E3 2013. The discussion is started again on all the Wii U hate and why it is a overreaction.

Crew: James, Kevin, Eli, & Tristan

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 23[/button]

Crew: James, Justin,

J-Money, & Ben

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 24[/button]

Crew: James, Alex,

J-Money, Justin, & Tristan

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 25[/button]

Crew: James, Alex,

J-Money, Justin, Matt, & Tristan

[button link=”″ size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 26[/button]

Crew: Justin & J-Money

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 27[/button]

Crew: James, Alex, Eli,

J-Money, Justin, Matt, & Tristan

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank”]Episode 28[/button]

Crew: James, Alex, Eli,

J-Money, Justin, Matt, & Tristan

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 29[/button]

Crew: James, J-Money, Tristan, & Special Guest: Chris Bennion, Founder of Utah 3DS StreetPass

[button link=”″ size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 30[/button]

Crew: James, Eli, Justin, Matt, & Tristan

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 31[/button]

Crew: James, Tristan, Thomas, Justin, & Eli

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 32[/button]

Crew: James, Thomas,

J-Money, & Eli

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 33[/button]

Crew: James, Tristan, Thomas, Justin, J-Money, & Alex

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 34[/button]

Crew: James, Tristan, Thomas, Justin, J-Money, Alex, & Matt

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 35[/button]

Crew: Justin, Thomas,

J-Money, & Matt

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 36[/button]

Crew: Matt, Thomas, Justin, J-Money, & Alex

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 37[/button]

Crew: Matt, Tristan, & Trevor

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 38[/button]

Crew: James, Justin, & Trevor

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 39[/button]

Crew: Matt, Tristan, Trevor, Justin, J-Money, & Alex

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 40[/button]

Crew: Matt, Trevor, Justin, & J-Money

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Super Smash Bros. Special[/button]

Crew: James, Tristan, Justin, & Kevin

[button link=”″ size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 41[/button]

Crew: Matt, Trevor, Justin, & J-Money

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 42[/button]

Crew: James, J-Money, & Alex

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 43[/button]

Crew: J-Money, Trevor, & Matt

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 44[/button]

Crew: Matt, Justin, & James

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 45[/button]

Description: E3 2014 Special. Join the LA crew of Justin, Kaelyn, and Matt (featuring special guest: James) as we talk about Nintendo’s presence at E3, project S.T.E.A.M., Project Guard, Project Giant Robot, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, and others.

Crew: Matt, Justin, & Kaelyn

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 46[/button]

Crew: Matt, Justin, J-Money, Alex & Trevor

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 47[/button]

This might be the greatest Koopa Kast James has ever produced.

Crew: James, Justin, Tristan

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 48[/button]

It’s been a slower couple of weeks than most, so we have less topics than usual, but more people!  We’ll be talking things like the latest Smash Bros Reveal, what Nintendo’s presence in SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) could mean for the future, and James’ Transformers: Rise of Dark Spark review.

Crew: Matt, James, J-Money, Tristan

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 49[/button]

This episode we talk about Hyrule Warriors, Dan Adelman leaving Nintendo, Mega Man, and Nintendo’s Mysterious “Quality of Life” initiative.

Crew: Matt, Justin

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode50[/button]

Well here we are about to enter our 50th Koopa Kast.Since it is a special occasion, we are going to be a bit more relaxed this time around, and talk about PNM’s history, how we got into games journalism, and share any cool stories we have about working in this industry.

Crew: Matt, James, Justin, J-Money, Tristan, Trevor

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 51[/button]

In this episode of the Koopa Kast we discuss the 3DS, past, present, and future, all leading up to our thoughts on the reveal of the Nintendo’s newest rendition of the handheld device, the ‘new’ 3DS.  Also, make sure to keep a tally of how many times the gang pressures Matt to buy a 3DS.  Just to get this out of the way: not all of us are happy with Nintendo’s naming of the handheld.

Crew: Matt, Justin, J-Money, Alex

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 52[/button]

“Why Aren’t We Allowed in the Treehouse?”: This week, we talk about Nintendo of America’s latest Nintendo Treehouse. In the span of eight hours, Nintendo showed off a plethora of upcoming games for both the Wii U and 3DS. Since many people didn’t have time to watch the whole thing, and since we didn’t get invited to the Treehouse (again), the staff of run down what happened at the Smash Bros. Conference Room in Redmond, Washington.

Crew: James, J-Money, Matt

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 53[/button]

“Fight Night”: With Hyrule Warriors behind us, and Smash Bros 3DS just two days away, Justin Sharp and Matt P will dive into these two large Nintendo titles. Luckily, they both have something to do with fighting, so we have a theme!

Crew: Matt, Justin

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 54[/button]

“In My Defense”: In the last podcast, we went on the offensive talking about Fighting Games, so this week we are going to switch to defense. Everyone has that game that they enjoy, but no one else can understand why. We here at are no exception. Join Matt, Justin, J-Money, and Trevor now is our chance to form a suitable defense to convince the world that our bad game is actually good.

Crew: Matt, Justin, J-Money

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 55[/button]

“Scare Tactics Resurrected”: This Koopa Kast fell right on the week of Halloween, so Matt, Justin Sharp, and J-Money tackle games that left you hiding under the covers. We also talk about what horror games should do in order to keep players shaking.

Crew: Matt, Justin, J-Money

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 56[/button]

“Series and Sequels”: This time, we will be talking about how we tackle games that are sequels or as part of a series.As Nintendo fans, we definitely have experience with reviewing games as part of a series. With series’ such as The Legend of Zelda and Mario Bros, it has come across many our minds of how to review them. Do we look for improvements, or should we judge this as a separate game? This can get really complicated if the reviewer doesn’t have experience with previous entries. So how do we do it? Watch this episode to find out.

Crew: Matt, James, Tristan, Alex

[button link=”″ size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 57[/button]

“In My Defense – Greatest Zelda Game”: The “In My Defense” series returns with something to induce maybe a bit of a disagreement between the staff: Which game in the Legend of Zelda series stands out among the rest? Of course, every Zelda game is a winner (except perhaps, those CD-I titles), but maybe, just maybe, one stands above the rest…

Crew: Matt, Justin, J-Money, Trevor

[button link=”″ size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 58[/button]

“Unpredictable”: You’ve heard from James Higginbotham and Justin Sharp, now it is time other staffers got in on the prediction party. Join series host Matt and series regulars Justin Sharp and Alex Schramke to discuss what is on their lists of what moves Nintendo could be making here in 2015. Matt and Alex have decided to keep his list a secret until the podcast, so you’ll just need to wait. Of course we can’t say who is wrong or who is right, but we would like to know who you think is closer to the mark this upcoming year.

Crew: Matt, Justin, Alex

[button link=”” size=”huge” target=”blank]Episode 59[/button]

“The New 3DS”: It’s that time again for our Koopa Kast #59. Today, Matt, Justin Sharp, Trevor Gould, and Alex Schramke talk about the latest 3DS reveals from last week’s Nintendo Direct. How long will the new 3DS last before it’s replaced? Was it right to not include an AC adapter? Does anyone in North American want the face-swappable New 3DS? Will Matt find a way to shoehorn Xenoblade Chronicles into another discussion? Listen to the staff share their opinions on the matter.

Crew: Matt, Justin, Alex, J-Money