As promised, the Pokemon Company has uploaded another trailer onto their YouTube channel, and this time we get to see some more evolutions of previously revealed pocket monsters.

When type Null evolves into Silvally, it loses the helmet it was wearing, and thanks to its ability RKS system, it can change its type depending on the hold item you give it. Its special move will also change its type as well.

Jangmo-o has a three stage evolution, starting with Hakamo-o, where it becomes a dragon/fighting type. It retains the same abilities Jangmo-o could have. When it evolves further into Kommo-o, it gains a unique move known as clanging scales.

Bounsweet also receives a three stage evolution, with the first being Steenee. It retains its pure grass typing even when it evolves into its final form, Tsareena. Tsareena has a unique ability known as Queenly Majesty, and this allows it to block priority moves. It also has a special move known as trop kick up its sleeve.

Cutiefly’s evolution was also revealed, with its last form being Ribombee. It keeps its bug/fairy typing.

As far as Alolan forms go, both Grimer and Muk have one as they become poison/dark types, and their colorful patterns are definitely reminiscent of the rainbow effect oil has when it is mixed with water.

Last but not least, two new trainers were shown off in the video, with Olivia, who is a rock type trainer and the Kahuna of Akala island. Ilima, a trial captain who specializes in normal types was also introduced.

With the game releasing on November 18th, and the demos less than a week away, are you looking forward to getting your hands on these titles? Will you be training any of the Pokemon shown off? Let us know what you think in the comments!