I spent a lot of time zooming around Fairhaven City this past weekend while playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted U.  As Sunday evening crept up on me and bedtime loomed closer and closer I decided to dive into some online multiplayer  before calling it a night.  We were in the midst of a ‘Near Miss Pipe Challenge’ off of Interstate 92 and I was just about to leave the match and catch some sleep when I noticed something strange.  I saw a rather large, green pipe looming tall above the other bland, grey ones.  I honestly could not believe that I was sitting next to a Warp Pipe in a Need For Speed game!  My first reaction was to post the Nintendo Easter Egg to Miiverse.  I am also posting it here for all to enjoy and to encourage others to go seek it out for themselves!  The Warp Pipe in Need For Speed: Most Wanted is off of Interstate 92 in the area of the incomplete highway overpasses at a construction site.  Below are screenshots of both day and nights views of the Warp Pipe!  I thought that I could see the Warp Pipe better at night because the game was in night mode when I discovered it but I will let you be the judge!

Update 4: Map showing locations of each Warp Pipe and exits (thanks to Polygon for the image):



Most Wanted Warp Pipe Easter Egg (Day)


Most Wanted Warp Pipe Easter Egg (Night)


Update: We have just confirmed that drivers that make it to the top of the Warp Pipe can actually go inside of the pipe. To do this use the ramp leading from the highway at the north side of the construction site off of I-92 East.  You will be traveling in a southbound direction and veering off the highway to the right to access the ramp. Smash through the billboard at the end of the ramp but not too fast because the goal is to jump the gap between roadway sections and end up on the unfinished portion of the highway overpass.  I recommend going about 50 – 60 MPH to get your vehicle over the gap but the other section of roadway is not very long so once you reach the other side brake HARD!  I use a combination of both the Y Button and LZ to prevent myself from slipping off of the far end of the landing.  From this second section of roadway that you have landed on the Warp Pipe will be locate on your right and can be driven onto from the road.  After coming to a complete stop on top of the Warp Pipe, push the left analog stick down and you will enter the Warp Pipe!  This particular Warp Pipe accesses Level 1-1 as pictured below but we are in the process of looking for more.  If more Warp Pipes are found, this post will be updated with the others.

We are also including pictures of a map to assist players in locating the Warp Pipe.  The easiest way to find the construction site at I-92 East is to use Easy Drive and change cars to the BAC Mono and Jump to the I-92 East location.  This will allow you to fast travel to the correct location.

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 Thank you to Justin Sharp for the gallery of screenshots above!

Level 1-1 Warp Pipe

Thank you to Nintendaan for recording the incredible video above!

Level 2-1 Warp Pipe

Thank you to EccentricPlayer for recording the video above for 2-1!

Level 3-1 Warp Pipe

Thank you to EccentricPlayer for recording the video above for 3-1!