For fans of the Banjo and Kazooie games on the Nintendo 64, this is an exciting time as Playtonic keyart_final2-614x1024Games have just revealed their leading heroes in their upcoming spiritual successor to Banjo and Kazooie. The project, known now as project Yooka-Laylee, will be starting its kickstarter campaign tomorrow, around 5pm BST (which should be about noon, if you’re living on the east coast in the U.S.). The kickstarter aims to see the game released on multiple platforms, with the Wii U being confirmed as one of the consoles the game aims to make a debut on.

The characters themselves, aptly named Yooka (the chameleon) and Laylee (the bat), definitely have a Banjo and Kazooie vibe to them, and the design of the characters is promising. If you want to see the duo in action, be sure to check out IGN’s youtube page in the link below where they have an exclusive video to show. So what do you think of the character designs? Are you considering backing the kickstarter tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!

IGN’s Yooka-Laylee preview can be seen HERE.


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