Color Zen was a surprise on Wii U – a great puzzle game, with cool graphics, an awesome soundtrack, and priced right at only $3.99.  This 3DS version is nearly just as good (it’s the same game) so the bulk of what I said in my review of the Wii U version holds true here.  Is it worth double dipping to experience it on the 3DS?

If you don’t have a Wii U, by all means download this game – it’s great fun!  If you do, you’ll need to ask yourself if you like it enough to want it on the go.  Personally I enjoy having it on my 3DS.  It’s the same content, but given the game’s mobile origins it seems natural on the handheld.  It also seems a better fit to wear headphones – something I did on Wii U mainly due to its unfortunate lack of television audio.Color Zen 3DS 2

The only difference that really strikes me with the 3DS version of Color Zen is the brief loading that occurs when you move on to the next level.  It’ll mostly stick out to those who experienced the game on Wii U, and to be fair they really are brief.  Considering the Wii U version had no perceptible loads though, it’s worth pointing out.  Will the minor pauses dissuade you?

I suppose Color Zen shines slightly brighter on Wii U overall.  The striking visuals in HD pop more, and it’s easier to engage friends watching on a large TV screen as opposed to a small 3DS screen.  However you can now hit start to pause and bring the menu up, which is a minor control improvement on 3DS.  The audio remains excellent – this is a download worth purchasing for the soundtrack alone!Color Zen 3DS

Overall Color Zen is a great game on either system.  It’s hard to advocate paying twice for the same title … but it is a great one, and inexpensive to boot – still just $3.99.  There’s lots to enjoy here (hundreds of puzzles) so make sure you pick up Color Zen for one system or the other.  I’m happy to have it on both.