What do you get when you combine: a Wii Remote, a SNES controller, a Classic Controller Pro and a Wii U Pro controller? I’ll tell you, the Interworks ‘Controller Pro U’.

This controller has all the bells and whistles. You want to use it as a Wii Remote? Well, just flip the switch on the back of the controller and there you go, Wii Remote. Go ahead and flip the switch back and you’ve got your Wii U pro controller. Oh, did I mention it also rumbles? It rumbles!

I’ve sampled 2 different controllers. All have had the same result. Nice clicky buttons, a responsive D-pad, smooth analog sticks and nice springy triggers.

One of my favorite features is the lithium ion battery. Just plug it into your console’s USB ports and charge away. Each controller comes with its own charging cable so there’s no need to switch back and forth from one to the other; you can charge a couple at the same time.

Nintendo needs to take a cue from Interworks. Make a controller that is backwards compatible with your previous generation of consoles, add a few features and make it less expensive than the current model. You’ve won us over, Interworks. Keep it up.

So what did I think?

10/10 – Couldn’t ask for anything more, go buy some. Visit Interworks-usa.com to find out where you can purchase 1 or 4 of these awesome controllers.