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toki tori 2

Two Tribes Announces Layoffs And Reboot

January 8, 2014 |

Today gamers received some sad news coming out of indie developer Two Tribes.  Most of the staff has been sent home, read laid off, and the company will be undergoing a reboot.  All that remain from Two Tribes are the … Read More

Nintendo Download Highlights – September 12th (NA)

September 12, 2013 | 1

This weeks North American Nintendo release may seem a little small but offers a pretty big kick. This week Wii U owners will be able to download the Wonderful 101, the Toki Tori 2 update, and for the Virtual Console,  Zelda II: … Read More

Toki Tori 2+: Wii U update Trailer

September 12, 2013 |

Very recently Two Tribes released an update to the Wii U version of Toki Tori 2. This update, which is heavily influenced from the Stream version of the game, includes an expanded soundtrack, new songs, additional puzzles, new landmarks and themes, … Read More

This week’s European downloads – September 12

September 9, 2013 |

A pretty impressive eShop release for Europe. The Wii U will be seeing three new eShop releases; Capcom’s Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara, Two Tribes Toki Tori 2+ and the classic Super Mario Brothers. (NES) The 3DS eShop will … Read More

Toki Tori 2 is now 25% off in NA

May 30, 2013 |

Coming from Two Tribes’ Twitter account:

People of the United States, muppets of Canada, your Wii U eShop now offers Toki Tori 2 at 25% off!Get it while supplies last!

— Two Tribes (@TwoTribesGames) May 30, 2013

You can check … Read More

Nintendo Download (5/30/13, Europe)

May 27, 2013 |

Wii U VC

Ghosts’n Goblins – €4.99, €2.49 through June 6 if Super Ghouls’n Ghosts is already purchased

Wii U eShop sale

Toki Tori 2 – €11.24, down from €14.99 – ends June 6

Wii U eShop price drop

Chasing … Read More

(Updated) Toki Tori 2 update live in Europe and NA

May 8, 2013 |

The Toki Tori 2 update that will add more hints and a few bug fixes has released in Europe and is expected soon in NA. Below are some details about the update from the Toki Tori 2 blog.

Toki Tori 2 patch will make life easier

April 23, 2013 | 3

There are those people who have complained that Toki Tori 2 was missing direction. Two Tribes have heard the cries and have recently submitted an update to Nintendo that adds some hints and normal bug fixes.

So… what did we … Read More

PN Review: Toki Tori 2

April 4, 2013 | 3

Toki Tori 2 is a hybrid between a platformer and a puzzle game set in a fully colorful and interactive world. The game’s protagonist is a chubby chicken with only two abilities. The first, which uses its chubbiness, is the … Read More

Toki Tori 2 for Wii U releases world-wide on April 4th!

March 21, 2013 | 1

Just announced via Two Tribes’ Twitter:

Toki Tori 2 for Wii U releases world-wide on April 4th! Check the release announcement trailer here: … #tokitori2 #WiiU

The Wii U eShop keeps getting some great games every week!

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