Discovered on the LinkedIn profile for Brian Valdillez, a game engineer at WayForward, is a cancelled Wii U Pictionary game, aptly named Pictionary Universe.  According to Dromble, THQ, a now defunct game developer and publisher, owned the rights to Pictionary in 2011 and could have possibly approached WayForward about developing the next Pictionary game.  THQ released the uDraw tablet for the Wii at the end of 2010 and released the WayForward developed title SpongeBob SquigglePants in Spring 2011, which further supports this theory.

The cancelled project, Pictionary Universe, is described in the LinkedIn profile as a game title that “implemented rudimentary functionality with recording and replay capabilities designed for uploading to Miiverse.”  Additionally, the LinkedIn profile suggests that the title was either going to be developed or released in 2012.  Unfortunately for WayForward and fans of the game Pictionary, the closure of THQ likely caused the cancellation of Pictionary Universe.  The Wii U is a spectacular fit for a game such as Pictionary and would have worked well with the Wii U’s GamePad.  Despite how awesome Pictionary would be on the Wii U, unless the project is revived, it is unlikely that Pictionary Universe will see the light of day.



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