Hackers digging through the Mario Kart 8 code found evidence of additional cups that are not used in the game.  The evidence comes in the form of icons that look similar to the cup icons found in the game but with missing details.  These missing details in the unused icons makes it seem like these were possibly used as part of the beta version of Mario Kart 8.  Users on the forum MKBoards.com, where these extra icons were originally posted, suggest that they could possibly be extra DLC cups.  While the possibility of more Mario Kart 8 DLC is not out of the question with Nintendo releasing DLC for more and more games as of late and future amiibo support coming, it is not clear if these unused cups will be the DLC fans will receive.  Take a look at the unused icons compared to the available Mario Kart 8 cups and let us know what you think about these unused icons in the Mario Kart 8 code in the comment section below!

mario kart 8 cups