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E3 2021 Nintendo Switch game highlights, day one (and a half)

By  •  June 13, 2021

The lack of a physical game floor and hasn’t prevented developers from announcing quite few fun, new titles for the Switch. We’ve also got some updates on games we previously knew were coming. Here are a few titles you’ll want to keep your eye on.
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DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power joins this week’s eShop roundup

By  •  June 3, 2021

The Nintendo eShop has been updated with a whole host of new content. This week’s highlights includes DC Super Hero Girls, based on the animated series. There’s also the, erm, …
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World’s End Club joins this week’s eShop roundup

By  •  May 28, 2021

The weekend is here and that means it’s game time! The Nintendo Switch eShop has been updated with loads of new content to tempt you. This week’s highlight is the …
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Pure Nintendo Review Recap – December, 2020

By  •  January 1, 2021

With 54 reviews, the PN team ended 2020 in a strong fashion. We published 470 reviews this past year, an average of 39 every month. Thanks so much to everyone …
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Sakuna and FUSER join this week’s eShop roundup

By  •  November 8, 2020

What’s new on the Nintendo eShop this week? As always, there’s a long list of titles to choose from. Firstly, there’s Sakuna, combining side-scrolling action with deep crafting and farming …
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Review: Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid (Nintendo Switch)

By  •  October 13, 2020

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid was released initially digitally on the Nintendo Switch back in March of 2019 and in November of the same year, released physically through Limited …
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Super Mario Bros. 35 joins this week’s eShop roundup

By  •  October 3, 2020

The weekened is here at last! What will you be playing? Perhaps you’ll find time to compete against the world in Super Mario Bros. 35? Or save the world in …
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Review: Jay and Silent Bob: Mall Brawl (Nintendo Switch)

By  •  May 7, 2020

Kevin Smith started his career as an indie film darling in the ‘90s, but his name stretches across all media now, including television and podcasting. Jay and Silent Bob: Mall …
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Jump Force brings manga clashes to the Nintendo Switch

By  •  April 17, 2020

The team at Bandai Namco has announced that its bringing manga mashup Jump Force Deluxe Edition to the Nintendo Switch. Create your team of three to duke it out in …
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The Battle for Bikini Bottom will commence in June

By  •  April 17, 2020

We knew the remake of SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom was coming to Nintendo Switch, and now we also know when. And how it will be packaged. Are you ready, kids?
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Pure Nintendo Interviews WayForward about Vitamin Connection

By  •  March 6, 2020

Pure Nintendo: Thanks for speaking with Pure Nintendo. Please give a quick introduction to our readers…

James: I’m James Montagna, Designer/Director at WayForward, and creator of the new Switch-exclusive title, …
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Review: Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha (Nintendo Switch)

By  •  January 28, 2020

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha offers an arcade port package of bullet hell classics. 

It starts with the Strikers 1945 trilogy. These give off a fine feel going back to the …
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Review: Police Stories (Nintendo Switch)

By  •  October 30, 2019

Police Stories is a top-down action shooter developed by Mighty Morgan. It sports a retro aesthetic, a fair amount of violence, and a tactical edge that helps set it apart …
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Review: Metagal (Nintendo Switch)

By  •  April 17, 2019

Metagal is an action platformer developed by RetroRevolution for the Nintendo Switch. It’s also a blatant Mega Man clone. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Metagal is a short …
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Monster Boy and Superbrothers join this week’s eShop roundup

By  •  November 29, 2018

As the end of the week draws near, it’s time to reveal what’s fresh on the Nintendo eShop as of today. This week’s highlights include the RPG world of Monster …
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Review: Nefarious (Nintendo Switch)

By  •  September 24, 2018

Wanting to be the bad guy is almost clichéd these days, in a world after Grand Theft Auto. Despite the massive amount of evil lurking about, Nefarious remains all its …
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Nintendo Switch Online has arrived

By  •  September 19, 2018

Ready or not, Nintendo Switch Online has arrived. Nintendo’s paid online service is now available, and there’s a lot to unpack.

The service comes with several features, with individual memberships …
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Nekki brings Shadow Fight 2 to Nintendo Switch

By  •  September 11, 2018

Game publisher Nekki is bringing Shadow Fight 2 to the Nintendo Switch. The popular mobile fighting game will hit the eShop on September 13.

The game has been optimized for …
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