It’s that time again—we have some headphones to check out. This time it’s the Switch-compatible RIG 600 Pro HS from Nacon. Let’s take a look at what you get.

The set I have for review is the black finish, but the 600 series also comes in Arctic Camo and Urban Camo. The main difference is the Arctic Camo pattern throws some white in with the various shades of gray.

The headset sports a pair of over-ear cans with cloth-wrapped padding, an adjustable headband, and a retractable mic boom in the left can. If the boom is in the stowed position (and it is very stealthy there), a white “R” indicates which way to put them on. Yes, this looks a bit like “Rig” branding in part, but we’ll give the designers props for the multi-use of good old letter “R” on this one.

Also in the box are the obligatory connector bits: a USB-C to micro USB cable (19”) for charging and connecting, a micro USB adapter/Bluetooth receiver, and a short (3”) USB-C to micro USB cable to use as an adapter for the Bluetooth receiver. With the available adapter and cables, you should be able to connect to PlayStation, a PC, or the Nintendo Switch (our personal fave, right?), as well as mobile devices (to wit, your iOS or Android phone).

When you are ready to connect to a device, there is a Bluetooth button near the top of the left can. Press and hold for 6 seconds and it will start the pairing process for your device. I paired up to a couple of devices and it was pretty easy both times. If you are in doubt, there is a handy Quick Start guide which is mostly pictures (mercifully accurate ones). Also on the left can are the volume control knob, the power button (which looks like a “slide”, but is really a “press” button), and the micro USB charging port.

What isn’t in the box, but is a handy addition to the headset, is an app. Since this device connects via Bluetooth, you can download the 600 Pro Navigator app (for either iOS or Android) and customize your sound. The app gives you a basic three-band equalizer (bass, mid, treble), and the ability to adjust your mic sensitivity. This is a good thing because the “out of the box” sound is a bit bass heavy. It’s not overwhelming or so thick as to muddy the sound, so the audio is otherwise clear and clean. The other app you can use to customize your audio experience is Dolby Atmos, but this is not compatible with the Switch.

Another handy feature with the wireless experience is what Nacon calls dual mode wireless. This gives the user the ability to connect two ways: the aforementioned USB-C adapter and Bluetooth 5.1. The upshot is that you can be connected in such a way that, while you are playing your game, the system will also play your phone’s ring tone when you have an incoming call. Speaking of phone calls, I tried out the mic on a phone call and the headset performed quite well sending and receiving. The sound on both sides was clean and clear.

I have touched on this briefly, but let’s talk more about sound. The RIG 600 Pro HS are not super fantastic, high-end, boutique headphones, but the performance is solid for the price. Without any customizing, they are a little bit bass heavy, but the extra bass doesn’t make things sound muddy, as mentioned earlier. The overall sound is clean with good representation across frequencies. Even on very low volume, the elements of the soundtrack or music are still distinguishable.

For the tech types, here are some basic audio specs:

  • Microphone frequency response 100 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Signal to noise ratio >42 dB with omnidirectional pattern
  • Speakers are Dynamic 40mm, high sensitivity drivers with 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
  • High-quality game audio from bass-boosted 40mm high-sensitivity drivers.
  • Tuned chamber acoustics for balanced audio.

Now for the looks. If you like low profile designs, these are nice. If you like something with a bit of flash and high style, these may not excite. The PC/console all black finish is just that: all black. The only exceptions are a small red power button and the white R printed on the mesh inside the right ear can. This is a style Batman would approve of.

Let’s talk about some of the physical features. As we touched on earlier, the RIG 600 Pro HS has a retractable mic arm. When it is closed, it is all but indistinguishable from the can housing. Fortunately, the base of the mic arm, where it meets the can, has a small raised section which acts as both a tactile reference point when you are wearing the headset, and the “button” you can press to make the mic swing out on the pivot point. I have used some other headsets with detachable arms, which can be handy if something goes wrong and you just need a new mic, and headsets with an external pivot arm mic. This stealthy design is actually handy, sleek, and less prone to getting snagged when not in use. The mic is also smart enough to know that when it is retracted into the can, it is muted.

The headband on this headset is one of my very few concerns. It has a cushy insert strip for comfort, but the headband itself is all plastic. The RIG 600 Pro HS is more of an economy headset (at the time I’m writing this, they are going for $99.99), so I am not surprised. I have, however, experienced failure of all plastic headbands due in large part to material fatigue. The cans have nice padding, covered in a hexagon pattern cloth. While the material doesn’t breathe well enough to keep the lobes cool, they are also not roasting or sweaty.

The headset is generally snug, but I would like to give some kudos to the padding design and material. I wear glasses, and I found it easy and comfortable to wear these for more than an hour. Some headsets pinch enough to be tolerable for about ten minutes before your ears “demand your attention” (you know what I mean). The size adjustment is accomplished by snapping the cans into one of three slots at the ends of the headband. The target is only for Small, Medium, and Large, but there is a little extra wiggle room if you use different size notches between the left and right can (one M and one L work well for me).

To top it all off, this headset is surprisingly lightweight. I found it easy to wear them for quite a while—not long enough to test the 8 hours of battery life in straight use, but more than an hour, and I didn’t feel fatigued.

All things considered, the RIG 600 Pro HS is a comfortable headset with a good retractable mic and very nice sound for Switch gaming and most other audio needs. For more information, visit