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Review: Pokken Tournament DX (Nintendo Switch)

By  •  September 22, 2017

Pokken Tournament is a fun action\fighting game that was originally released in Japan as an arcade game. A year later it was released for the Wii U. Now you get …
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Nintendo Download September 21, 2017 – Pokken Tournament DX, SteamWorld Dig 2

By  •  September 21, 2017

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch
    • Pokkén Tournament DX – Take direct control of …
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Pokken Tournament demo coming to Nintendo Switch soon

By  •  August 21, 2017

Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing a demo for upcoming Pokémon fighting game, Pokken Tournament DX.

The announcement came via Twitter yesterday and indicates that the demo will …
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Review: Pokken Tournament (Wii U)

By  •  March 15, 2016

Pokken Tournament is a brand new Pokemon spin-off title from the makers of the Tekken series, hence the name Pokken (Pokemon x Tekken).  The game has elements of both …
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Pokken Tournament western release date announced

By  •  January 15, 2016

Pokken Tournament will be coming to the U.S. and the U.K. on March 18, the same day as the Japanese release.

The Pokemon company made the announcement via Twitter with …
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Pokémon Braixen, Garchomp and Mewtwo confirmed for Pokken Tournament

By  •  January 13, 2016

Some recent scans from CoroCoro confirm Pokémon Braixen, Garchomp and Mewtwo are playable characters in the upcoming Pokken Tournament.

According to Garchomp is a power category Pokémon that Mega evolves into Mega Garchomp. Braixen is focused on …
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New trailer spotted for Pokken Tournament Wii U

By  •  December 15, 2015

Sceptile Announced for Pokken Tournament

By  •  December 10, 2015

Bandai Namco announced that Sceptile will be the latest Pokemon released for Pokken Tournament.

The video shows Sceptile battling with Pikachu, Genghar and Lucario. The end of the trailer shows …
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Pokken Tournament To be Released In Spring

By  •  November 12, 2015

Pokken Tournament, a Pokemon fighting game for the Wii U being developed by The Pokemon Company and Bandai-Namco Entertainment, is scheduled to be released in Spring of 2016 according to …
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Mewtwo spotted in Pokken Tournament

By  •  November 2, 2015

Dark Mewtwo or a different Pokemon entirely?
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New Pokken Tournament trailer shows arcade and controller

By  •  October 19, 2015

Check out the latest trailer for Pokken Tournament.
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Pokken Tournament at Dave and Busters

By  •  September 23, 2015

Before Pokken Tournament was announced to release on the Wii U, the arcade version was released as a “test” at Dave and Busters. Below is some of the first test …
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Report: Pokken Tournament being tested at Dave & Buster’s

By  •  July 22, 2015

During a recent AMA on Reddit Kevin Bachus, the Senior Vice President of Entertainment and Game Strategy at Dave & Busters, claimed the Bar/Arcade/Restraint will play test Pokken Tournament. It’s not …
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Pokken Tournament coming to Japanese arcades July 16

By  •  July 3, 2015

Bandai Namco, and the Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada, will bring the Pokemon fighting game, Pokken tournament, to Japanese arcades on July 16.

At this point there is not word on …
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New Pokken Tournament Gameplay and Art

By  •  January 23, 2015

It’s been a few months since we saw Lucario and Machamp battling it out in our first look at Pokken Tournament, and the silence has finally been broken with some …
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