Strategize to survive.

Square Enix has certainly been keeping things interesting with some unique new games. The latest is Dungeon Encounters, a single-player dungeon exploration RPG that was just announced at Tokyo Games Show.

The obligatory attachment to final Fantasy this time comes from director Hiroyuki Ito and producer Hiroaki Kato. It doesn’t play like a Final Fantasy game, though, for the most part. Instead, Dungeon Encounters pits players against 100 levels of strategic challenges on a 2D grid. It’s up to you to plan and prepare to overcome the numerous obstacles and defeat monsters in a bid to reach the deepest level of the Dungeon.

Players can enjoy a newly polished and refined iteration of FINAL FANTASY’s classic Active Time Battle (ATB) system brought to you by original creator, Hiroyuki Ito. DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS features an expansive range of fantasy inspired characters by character designer Ryoma Ito, offering players a unique take on the dungeon crawler genre, and the ability to customize their team in order to complete the challenges and obstacles effectively. Fans can also enjoy a soundtrack overseen by musical director Nobuo Uematsu, featuring a modern take on classical tracks, as they put their minds to the test and venture through the many levels of DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS.

Available October 14th, Dungeon Encounters can now be pre-ordered at the Nintendo eShop for the discounted rate of $23.99 (a 20% savings). For more information, visit