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IGN Wiik in Review: Summary

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Thanks to Alkaline from Neogaf for the summary.


– Both have been incredibly busy with Wii games – very overwhelmed. Have a massive backlog of games they need to cover – Zack and Wiki, Soul Calibur Legends, Manhunt 2, FIFA 08, Naruto, Smartypants, Fishing Master, Medal of Honour: Heroes 2, MX Untamed, Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, etc. At least 10 games they need to catch up on – they’re working on the reviews, but they’re taking a while because there’s so many to cover.

Zack and Wiki
– Was supposed to have the exclusive review on Zack and Wiki up tonight, but they couldn’t complete it – stuck on a really hard (but awesome) puzzle.
– Maybe half-way through the game, and don’t have any concerns about the length (about 15 hours).
– Difficulty is great, ramps up as the game progresses. Everytime you step into a new level, you’re confronted with more new and unique puzzles.
– Puzzles and controls are lots of fun. Definitely recommend it – will be an editor’s choice. Go and preorder it right now. One of the best 3rd party games on Wii. One of the very few Wii games that simply could not be replicated on another console. A “must-have title”.
– The puzzles are challenging, you may need to even get help from friends (which you can). “Best designed puzzles in a decade” – probably superior to Zelda. “The quality and consistency of these puzzles is just insane.”
– Don’t have many complaints – wish they would supply more puzzles through WiiConnect24, sometimes need to use exact motions yet sometimes it’s pretty much guess-work, sometimes trial-and-error gameplay might annoy.
– But it’s a really good game. Saw the GameInformer review – definitely not a mid-7’s game.
– Really smart puzzles and really beautiful (though sometimes framerate takes a dip). The animation is awesome – looks like you’re watching a cartoon. Lots of polish and little elements that many other developers would not even think about including. “Insane production values.”
– Next week there will be massive coverage of the game.

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Wii Balance Board Has 300lb Limit
15 years ago

Wii Balance Board Has 300lb Limit

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Even a game that’s supposed to help people slim down, now has its limits.


Best of GC 2007: The winners Are Announced!

The Leipziger Messe has named this year’s winners of Best of GC, the fifth time the distinction has been awarded. The awards were made to nine products at a press …
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Best of GC award nominees

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Wii Fitness Super Mario Galaxy Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games


Eye Training Undercover: Dual Motives The Simpsons

Best Hardware Product

Wii Balance Board Rock Band …
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Time Magazines’ Ten Questions With Shigeru Miyamoto
15 years ago

Time Magazines’ Ten Questions With Shigeru Miyamoto

Do you think the success of the Wii–an interactive system that emphasizes physical activity–will change the gaming culture? —Will Chung, TAIPEI I hope that in 10 …
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E3 2007: IGN Talks Nintendo Wii at E3

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Cubed has put together a nice roundup for what was said in IGN’s Wii-kly Review.

  • To start with, they both reckoned that Wii Fit was worthy of “Oprah”;
  • They …
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Wii Fit Routines

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Wii Fitness also uses the Wii Balance Board for daily tests. These evaluate two key measures that a household can track via progress charts:


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From Wii Fit to Flash Focus to Mario Kart, Nintendo Shows Everyone is a Gamer

SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 11, 2007 – The world used to be divided into two …
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Classic Franchises, Amazing Games and Cool Accessories Keep Wii on Top

SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 11, 2007 – Consumers take note: Cancel your vacations, postpone your weddings and skip your …
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Livebloggin’ Ninty’s Press Conference

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Hey everyone! And welcome to niwifi’s liveblogging coverage of Nintendo’s E3 2007 Press Conference.


Stay tuned for more coverage throughout the day!!

1:20 – The show is now over. But man did we get some Awesome stuff!

1:19 – A final promo vid is shown—just a bunch of marketing stuff

1:18 – “The future should belong to all of us” talking about the gaming industry

1:17 – Reggie’s talking about leisure and entertainment, and time

1:16 – The demo is now over for Wii Fit

1:15 – Miyamoto is losing, Reggie’s kicking ass again ;) but I think miyamoto is letting him win

1:15 – They’re now playing Soccer on Wii Fit

1:14 – hahaha lol Reggie just said ‘muscle is heavier than fat’ —-Miyamoto says ‘good excuse’ :)

1:13 – It also measures your BMI (body mass index) instead of showing everyone your weight

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