Rumors: Mario, Metroid, MK

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Gonintendo has posted some more rumors rolling around on the NeoGAF forums.  The rumors revolve around Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.  The information …
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New Metroid Prime 3 Details!

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This is some interesting news coming from gonintendo. It seems Nintendo had an invite-only Metroid event to play the latest build of the game. Both GameInformer and Gamepro magazines …
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Mario, Metroid, Smash Bros. in 2007

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Cubed3 is reporting that Nintendo has updated their release schedule for 2007 in Europe. The release schedule includes release dates for Excite Truck, Children of Mana, etc. The big …
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Review: Red Steel


Red Steel is a game that has come under fire ever since it was released and even before its release. I have played through most of the story mode and have played A LOT of multiplayer. I’m not sure if most of the reviewers that reviewed the game didn’t play through the game all the way or not–but it seems to me they didn’t give the game enough credit for what it sought to accomplish with new ways of using the Wiimote. Well, let’s get started on the story mode.

The storyline for Red Steel is different than most, but fits the mold of a few other games. You play as an American named Scott. Your fiancee has been kidnapped and you father-in-law is part of a Yakuza clan. There is another Yakuza group who is responsible for his daughter’s kidnapping. So, naturally, you’re the one that’s supposed to save her. The storyline develops more as you go along, but it really isn’t the strong point of the game. The story mode can be frustrating at times. You go through 5-10 checkpoints in each different level, which is good because you can load from these checkpoints. The annoying thing is that you die A LOT–so it’s a good thing they have lots of checkpoints. Overall, the story mode is engaging enough to keep you coming back and playing. It offers plenty of new sword skills and weapons to master as you progress.


One thing I wanted to mention that I LOVE about the game is the upgradable sword techniques. At first, I was pretty disappointed in the mediocre sword fighting. But the farther you get in the game, the more sword moves you can master. Some of the newer moves require a lot more coordination. The beginning moves don’t require much, but the more complex moves are quite rewarding. For example, one move requires that you slash the wiimote right, then left, then slash the nunchuk left. It does all these moves in succession on the screen, so it’s like a slash, slash, parry. Very cool. Anyways, on to the multiplayer.


Now the multiplayer is a little bit of a mixed bag. There are only 4 levels to choose from, but my friends and I couldn’t get enough of Red Steel. The multiplayer really is fun, even if you or some of your friends are struggling with the controls. It makes it really fun when you can get someone from the other side of the room with only a pistol, or being able to throw the grenade without blowing yourself up :D

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Updated Release Schedule

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Nintendo has updated their release schedule for Q1 2007. One significant change is the delay of Wii Play to February 12. There is also no mention of Metroid Prime …
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New Virtual Console Titles Announced!

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Nintendo is responding to concerns about their virtual console lineup. It seems Nintendo has heard our cries for more games and better classics. Joining the VC lineup are games …
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Wii Launch Details!

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Official Wii Packaging

Nintendo on Thursday finally revealed the long-anticipated launch details. *drum roll………* Wii will launch in the US on November 19, 2006 for $249.99. The Wii will come packaged with the following as reported by IGN Wii:

  • One Wii remote
  • One nunchuck attachment
  • An AC adapter
  • An audio/video cable
  • A sensor bar
  • A sensor bar stand
  • A Wii console stand
  • 2 batteries
  • and a copy of Wii Sports (US, and Europe) featuring tennis, baseball, golf, and the new bowling and boxing games

Great news so far! Here’s the rest of the details from Cubed3:

  • 4 Million units will ship worldwide, with the US receiving the larger share
  • The Wii will be available at 25,000 retail locations across the country
  • 21 launch titles (Wii Sports included) will hit alongside the console in the US
  • Zelda (Gamecube version) will not be avaliable at launch, but on December 11th instead
  • All first-party games will be in at $49.99 or under
  • Metroid Prime 3 has been officially delayed until 2007
  • All first-party games and most other Wii content will be capable of 16:9 used by HDTVs, but won’t be in high definition
  • Pokemon Battle Revolution will be the first online multiplayer game for Wii

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Wii!!! What a Launch!

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Here is a complete list of confirmed launch/launch window titles for Nintendo’s Wii:

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
  2. Barnyard
  3. Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
  4. Blitz: The League
  5. Call of …
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Wii Rumors Abound

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The internet has been saturated with some tasty rumors surrounding Wii and its games. Here is a list of said rumors in no particular order:

june ndp usa hardware/software sales

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June – US hardware #s (avg. per week):

1. NDS ~ 593,000 (118,600) 2. PS2 ~ 312,000 (62,400) 3. 360 ~ 277,000 (55,400) 4. PSP ~ 221,000 (44,200) 5. GBA …
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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Details

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New details were revealed recently about Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The following list contains the major additions/updates to the game:

  • “Hyper Mode” is back
  • Huge environments, bloom lighting, …
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6 Wii Launch titles have been Confirmed

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The following list is of Wii titles that have been CONFIRMED for launch. Nintendo has already gone on record saying they are planning on having close to 20 titles …
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the discovery of the gaming world

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ive been a hardcore gamer since the days of the gamecube, however ive been playing games since the snes days. back then i didnt know who even created mario, …
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