The Wii Shows Up In Marriott & Renaissance Hotels
14 years ago

The Wii Shows Up In Marriott & Renaissance Hotels

BETHESDA, Md. & REDMOND, Wash.–The Wii™ experience is just beginning for Marriott and Renaissance guests, who can now choose from 20 games, including the popular Mario Kart™ Wii, Super Mario Galaxy™, and Wii Sports™ as well as the revolutionary fitness game, Wii Fit™. In a lodging industry first, Marriott International, Inc. is piloting a new specially built Wii hotel game system from Nintendo in select guest rooms and lounges. Wii systems are available at six Marriott and Renaissance properties:

* New York Marriott Marquis
* Renaissance New York Hotel Times Square
* Boston Marriott Cambridge
* Bethesda (Md.) Marriott Suites
* Annapolis (Md.) Marriott Waterfront
* JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, Phoenix (Lounge only)

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‘From Bags to Riches’ Includes DS Systems with Fashion Handbag Rentals

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 17, 2008 – Women who prefer the hottest designer handbags draped over their arms will now be able to have the hottest portable video game system at their fingertips as well. Nintendo has partnered with From Bags to Riches, a popular online handbag-rental service, to include stylish and colorful Nintendo DS™ systems and games with some rentals through the end of 2008.

From Bags to Riches subscribers will have the chance to borrow a Nintendo DS and games, free of charge, with a 30-day rental of one of From Bags to Riches’ featured handbags from such coveted designers as Prada, Tory Burch, Gucci and Juicy Couture. Consumers can choose the handbag and Nintendo DS that best suit their taste on After the conclusion of the rental period, consumers simply return the Nintendo DS along with the bag.

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3 Former Metroid Developers Go Multiplatform

A few months back we reported that 3, now former, Metroid developers have moved on to other things, and formed their own studio Armature. It seems like these 3 guys …
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Some More Conduit Info

– The Conduit’s control scheme partially based on Metroid, Medal of Honor – Gimmicky Wii waggle is limited because they didn’t want to disrupt the pacing of the game – …
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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast Summary

-Bozon is playing through Mega Man 9. Currently Embargoed. He’s stuck on Wily

Mystery Case Files MillionHeir:
-Good fit for DS.
-Appears to be going after Professor Layton audience, but in reality it’s a different beast.
-Easier than Professor Layton.
-Fairly casual game.
-You find items hidden in busy scenery.
-If you play the game a second time you’ll get different items to find, adding to the replay value.
-Score given: 7.7
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Nintendo Channel Reveals VC Sales Data

212,995 Super Mario Bros 3
209,441 Super Mario Bros
151,881 Super Mario World
146,219 Mario Kart 64
131,024 Super Mario 64
100,509 Legend of Zelda
97,498 Ocarina of Time
87,696 Wario’s Woods
85,756 Paper Mario
82,935 Kirby’s Adventure

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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast Summary

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Mario Super Sluggers
– The more you play it, the more you enjoy it – Bozon
– A lot of waggle
– With nunchuck you can aim, becomes a little more fun
– Arcade baseball, fun

– IGN exclusives planned throughout the week

NPD Data
– Nintendo still on top
– Crazy numbers since July wasn’t a huge month for Nintendo
– Bozon says that third-party games ARE selling on Wii, he had the numbers right in front of him
– Upward trend with sequels (Madden, Guitar Hero)
– Matt says there are a lot of misconceptions about sales numbers on Wii
– Tiger Woods selling best on Wii

– Some talk about Metroid Prime 3, Matt praises its graphics highly – Says art the best on Wii. Galaxy has better tech.
– Bozon thinks he likes Metroid out of the big 3, Matt still sticks by Mario Galaxy – loves music, looks good on the new screen in the IGN demo room

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Nintendo introduces WiiSpeak
14 years ago

Nintendo introduces WiiSpeak

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LOS ANGELES, July 15, 2008 – At the E3 Media & Business Summit today, Nintendo unveiled an enhancement for its iconic Wii Remote™ controller and new games that promise to further enrich and engage players around the world. These offerings build on Nintendo’s ongoing efforts to remove the barriers between expert and novice video game players, an approach that has been instrumental in creating a paradigm shift for the industry since the advent of the Nintendo DS™ portable system and the Wii™ home console.

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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Ep. 15: Summary

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– “Party version of Facebreaker,” but title is misleading (not really minigames) 
– Graphics look great – art style is impressive, moves nicely 
– Gameplay has a lot of promise also, but Matt wasn’t able to play it long 
– Shot from the sideview, still a 3D boxing game 
– Very fast, arcadey 

Skate It 
– Still not a lot of gameplay available in the version Matt + Daemon played 
– Will be a learning curve, but it’ll be a “cool” way to play a skateboarding game – Daemon 
– Programmed intuitively 
– Grinding all about timing 
– Visually not too impressive 
– Framerate needs to be up and running – lag won’t be good for the game 

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Top 20 Games from All Nintendo Consoles/Handhelds

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Nintendo Power has ranked what they believe to be the Top 20 games for all Nintendo consoles and handhelds.  Do you have them all? ; )



1. The Legend of Zelda
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
3. Mega Man 2
4. Super Mario Bros.
5. Metroid
6. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out
7. Contra
8. Super Mario Bros. 2
9. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse
10. Ninja Gaiden
11. Mega Man 3
12. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
13. DuckTales
14. Castlevania
15. Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
16. Maniac Mansion
17. Bionic Commando
18. Dragon Warrior IV
19. Final Fantasy
20. Kid Icarus

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More Nintendo Channel Usage Stats

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Boom Blox: 8 hours and 25 minutes of play per person, 3.8 sessions

Wii Fit: 9 hours 14 minutes of play per person, 5.7 sessions

Wii Sports: 24,740,000 hours and …
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Entertainment Weekly: Top Classic Games Of The Past 25 Years

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1. Tetris (PC) 2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) 3. Doom (PC) 4. Super Mario World (SNES) 5. Guitar Hero (PS2) 6. Street Fighter II (SNES) 7. …
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More New Nintendo Channel Feture Info

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Here are just “Some” of the stats you can find with the new feture of the Nintendo Channel:

Super Mario Galaxy – played 5 million times at 25 hours per person.

Lostwinds – played 48,689 times at 3.4 hours per person.

Wii Sports – played 24 million hours at 33 hours per person. 21 million times played with 28 times per person

Japanese stats:

Wii Fit: Duration 20:37, 20.26 sessions
Wii Sports: Duration 30:00, over 28.44 sessions

Zelda 3: Duration 9:44, over 7.51 sessions (21,282 registered sales)
Zelda TP: Duration 50:10, over 21.36 sessions

No More Heroes: Duration 10:44, over 5.12 sessions

RE4 Wii: Duration 33:23, over 15.41 sessions
Umbrella Chronicles: Duration 14:54, over 8.61 sessions

Dr. Mario WiiWare: Duration 14:09, over 9.24 sessions (13,931 registered sales)
FF:CC My Life As A King: Duration 21:14, over 8.89 sessions (33,810 registered sales)
Star Soldier R: Not enough data/Data withheld

Everyone’s Pokemon Farm: Duration 8:03, over 17.98, but… 44,779 registered sales

VC sales information:

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GAMES’s 100 greatest titles of all time: As voted on by customers

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1 Call of Duty 4 (Multiformat)
2 Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64)
3 Final Fantasy VII (PSone)
4 Grand Theft Auto IV (Multiformat)
5 Super Mario 64 (N64)
6 007 Goldeneye (N64)
7 Halo 3 (Xbox 360)
8 Metal Gear Solid (PSone)
9 Half Life 2 (Multiformat)
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Top 10 Games To Make Into Films
14 years ago

Top 10 Games To Make Into Films

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Super Metroid

The movie industry needs more kick-ass female lead characters… especially after such disasters like Ultraviolent and Bloodrayne. A great job was done with Iron Man, …
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New Poll: What Nintendo classic is your most wanted game for a future VC Release?

This week’s poll is all about the Virtual Console and what Nintendo might have up their sleeves for 2008.  There are many classics from Nintendo’s back-catalog, but which ones are …
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Rumor: Micheal Bay Producing Metroid Movie
14 years ago

Rumor: Micheal Bay Producing Metroid Movie

There have been a TON of rumors about a Metroid movie and they have all been exciting, this one is no different. According to sources Micheal Bay, …
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IGN Nintendo Voice Chat Summary

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-Video review from Matt’s house coming later this week. Enjoy Stalkers.
-No multi player mode of any kind.

We Ski:
-Not so good.
-You can play 4 player mode but only one person can use the balance board
-The mini-game in WiiFit is better than We Ski.

~Konami Event~

-Rock Revolution DS
-More of a Rhythm game. You pick from one of four instruments.
-4 licensed songs were there
-Not so good, its just not a very good game

-International Track and Field DS.
-Really good, challenging.
-A lot of fast motioning with the stylus.

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