Pure Nintendo reaches a niche audience of adults ages 18-34 (evenly divided between male and female). Our site ranks in the top 200,000 websites, according to Pure Nintendo averages around 4,000 page views a day with an average of 140,000 page views per month. We can also boast a 3% bounce rate.

Pure Nintendo has been featured in the Epic Mickey announcement trailer; SEGA, High Voltage, Konami, Ubisoft, and Renegade Kid Websites as well as many other video game websites.

Ad Rates

Pure Nintendo has a set monthly ad rate that is based on our minimal average page views. Some months Pure Nintendo will receive double than the average page views from a big story or event. Those extra ad views are a gift to you, free of charge. Ad rates are as follows:

  • Text Link Ad – $300 for 6 months, $550 for 12 months
  • Banner Ad – $350 for 6 months
  • Sponsored Video – $500 for 6 months, $800 for 12 months
  • Other Ad deals can be negotiated

Magazine Ads

  • 2 page spread – $1200/issue
  • Full page – $600/issue
  • Half page – $300/issue
  • Inside cover – $2000/issue

For full ad inquires please contact advertising at purenintendo dot com