IRVINE, CA — OCTOBER 9, 2012 — ATLUS, the video game brand of Index Digital Media, Inc., today confirmed that Code of Princess™, the action RPG brawler for Nintendo 3DS™ from developer Agatsuma Entertainment, is now available in stores across North America.
Blending frantic fighting with elements of classic arcade side-scrolling beat ’em ups and the character development and growth of an RPG,Code of Princess is unlike anything else available for Nintendo 3DS. Fans of action will savor the game’s combat, which is loaded with satisfying multipliers and the strategic demands of hordes of enemies on a three-railed battlefield with true depth. Fans of RPGs will relish the ability to level and improve their characters, converting their gained experience into boosts for the stats that best suit their play style and tactics.
A sweeping single-player campaign loaded with new characters to discover and beautiful anime cutscenes to unlock is only the beginning. The game also boasts extensive multiplayer functionality: up to four players can take on challenges cooperatively or battle against one another in competitive play, both of which are available locally or online via Nintendo Network. If all of that were not already sufficient, the North American release of Code of Princess benefits from a number of technical enhancements not initially included in the original Japanese release, one of the most significant of which being an improved frame rate, particularly when the screen is filled with action.

In keeping with proud ATLUS tradition, fans who purchase a copy of the game from its limited launch manufacturing run will receive the Code of Princess Sound & Visual Book, a collection of artwork from character designer Kinu Nishimura and eight tracks of music from ACE’s stellar soundtrack that are the perfect complement to the game and a wonderful collectible to proudly display. The offer only applies to this first batch of units while supplies last!

Code of Princess is out now in North America, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. For more information, please visit