Taking care of business.

As we push closer to the revived and revised E3, ReedPop is unveiling more details about the upcoming gaming event. The physical show takes place in a couple forms at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 13-16, but there will also be an E3 Digital Week beginning on Sunday, June 11th.

ReedPop hasn’t yet announced which companies will be exhibiting at this year’s event, stating only that “AAA companies, in addition to indie darlings including, along with tech and hardware firms have already committed to making their return to the LA Convention Center.” Ubisoft has confirmed attendance, while Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have announced they will not be participating. ReedPop has statned, however, that, “More that 1,350 members of the media and content creators from around the globe have already applied for access to the event.”

The 2023 show will definitely skew back towards the industry-only origins of E3, featuring a hall reserved exclusively for Industry Days. This setup was based on feedback from game developers, and will aim to eliminate, “…the cumbersome need of finding space to connect outside of the show halls. These include a select number of meeting rooms available to reserve on-site as well as a full-service bar located at the heart of the show.”

Gaming is a business, after all, and expos serve to further those business opportunities. To that end, exclusive events will be set up to bring developers and publishers together with merchandise businesses, investors and more.

So, what about the fans? In addition to opening the expo for Gamer Days on June 15th and 16th, E3 2023 Digital Week will run from June 11th through the 17th for everyone at home. The schedule for publisher and independent press conferences will be released in the comic weeks, but we now know Digital Week will feature popular online showcases including PC Gaming Show, Future Games Show, Guerilla Collective, and Black Voices in Gaming.

Pure Nintendo has been provided media access to E3 2023, and we will certainly keep you up to date on new announcements on events and participants as they’re revealed. Watch for more information from ReedPop on Gamer Days later this month.