Indie studio Exordium Games has announced that it’s twin-stick shooter, Last Encounter, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in the second quarter of 2018.

Last Encounter is an intergalactic, roguelike twin-stick shooter, featuring extensive weapon customization. Set in the distant future, players will traverse vibrant galaxies to fight for humanity’s survival.

The galaxies come in the form of procedurally generated levels, as you fight your way through an alien onslaught. To make things more interesting, you can join forces with up to three friends, choosing from a fleet of upgradable ships. You can also design your perfect weapon by combining different bullet types, firing patterns and more.

Last Encounter will arrive on the Switch in quarter 2, 2018. It will also be playable at PAX South in San Antonio this weekend. In the meantime, check out the Last Encounter reveal trailer below to see the game in action, and let us know your thoughts.