1UP: The game seems very striking — it’s completely different from anything I’ve seen. But since it’s so over-the-top right away, how do you make that approach fresh at the five-hour mark after players have repeated the same maneuvers a bunch of times?

AI: The stages and environment variety change at a fairly regular pace. We try to be very good about the tempo and making sure that the stages aren’t so long that you tire of them. Just about the time you’re thinking that you’d like to see something new, that’s when you enter the next stage. The environments themselves, the activities, the NPCs that appear in those environments, and the context-sensitive kills are things that you’ll find only on a particular stage.

1UP: Given that most traditional beat-em-ups include a co-op option, why did you decide to make a game like this without co-op?

AI: One of the key features in MadWorld is the base storyline and the world we’re trying to create: the Death Watch game show and Jack’s involvement with it. And that naturally gravitates toward a single-player game. The second part of the answer is that for the actual gameplay mechanics, we wanted the kind of game that someone can just throw a lot of time into and sort of forget about what time it is — just get in there and start playing until they feel full, and then stop so they can pick it up again later on. We wanted something that’s really involved and in-depth for the player, so that also gravitates toward a single-player experience.

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