Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be offering PNM through’s Kindle App, Google Play or Apple Newsstand?

Android app on Google PlayDownload Apple iOS Newsstand appYes! In fact, PNM is now available on both Android and iOS devices! The app is compatible all Android and iOS mobile devices.  The iOS Newsstand app available on the App Store is compatible with all Apple mobile devices!  So PNM can be downloaded for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini.  On Google Play the interactive app is available to download for Android tablets and phones!  We are hard at work on getting the magazine on other platforms such as Amazon’s Kindle app very soon. Stay tuned!

I don’t necessarily want a print subscription to PNM. Do you provide digital subscription options?

Yes! In fact, PNM is now digital only and readers who want to order print issues can get them individually at MagCloud.  For more information about Pure Nintendo’s decision to make PNM digital only please see our press release!

I purchased a digital subscription to PNM. When will I receive the digital edition and how do I access it?

When you purchase a digital subscription to PNM you should have received an e-mail confirming your purchase and at the top of that e-mail is an Order Number. If you have not received the e-mail, please make sure that you check your spam or junk mail folders for the e-mail at the e-mail address you provided during the purchase. If you are still having trouble finding the e-mail with your Order Number, then please contact either or for further assistance.

To access your subscription from your iOS or Android tablet or phone, just go to ‘My Account’ and enter your order code.  It’s a long code that can be found with your email receipt.  Once entered, the issues will appear in your ‘Library’ automatically.

If you have just renewed a Digital subscription, you will use the original Order Number from your initial purchase.

I just purchased a subscription to PNM and was wondering where I could purchase back issues?

All issues are available for purchase in both print and digital via Magcloud.

I get all of my gaming news online. Why should I purchase a subscription to PNM especially when similar publications like Nintendo Power have shut down?

The easy answer is because PNM is simply awesome. But the real answer is because everyone here at Pure Nintendo strives to provide the highest quality content for PNM. Whether it is a review, interview, opinion piece, or general information article we are always trying to create something that is not only high quality but something that our readers want to read about. PNM exists for our readers and fans. Without our readers there would be no PNM.

What kind of material can I expect to find in PNM?

When you receive PNM you can expect to find high quality content with every issue. PNM is packed full of exclusive content including screenshots, concept art and other artwork, news, reviews, previews, character profiles, opinion pieces, and much more!

How can I see my name appear in PNM?

Pure Nintendo provides many opportunities for readers to see their name appear in PNM. We are always looking for great Nintendo artwork created by our readers to feature in PNM. Any Nintendo fan art created by our readers can be submitted to our ‘fan art curator’ Kaeyln at  We also welcome feedback regarding specific articles in PNM which could be subsequently featured in PNM. Most recently, in Issue #8, we featured readers’ memories of Nintendo Power magazine to commemorate the iconic publication. Beginning with Issue #17 of PNM we are taking letters or questions from our fans to include in The Question Block.  If you have a strong opinion about something Nintendo, feedback regarding PNM, something else you would like to share with us, or just want to chat with the PNM/PureNintendo staff, it may end up within the pages of PNM! Readers and Pure Nintendo fans can submit letters or questions for The Question Block by e-mailing

How do I contact Pure Nintendo about the magazine? Where can I leave news tips, comments, feedback, questions, or concerns?

If you would like to contact Pure Nintendo at any time we are available via several different channels. You can e-mail us ( or contact us via Pure Nintendo’s Facebook and Twitter accounts (@PureNintendo). Individual staff also have their own respective e-mail addresses and Twitter accounts. Pure Nintendo encourage fans and readers to contact individual staff members at any time because we love to hear from our fans!

What information do you collect?  What is your privacy policy?

The information we collect and our full privacy policy can be viewed here.

Does Pure Nintendo ever offer PNM at a discounted price?

Occasionally we will hold a subscription sale for PNM. Unfortunately these sales are not held on a regular basis and we would not recommend that you wait for a PNM sale. If you wait for a subscription sale to occur, then you could miss out on some really cool stuff that is featured in PNM and you could even be missing out on several issues before we announce our next PNM subscription sale. If you are interested in subscribing to PNM, then please subscribe because we don’t want you to miss out on any of the awesomeness.

Why can I not see all of Pure Nintendo’s back issues of PNM in the app?

If you are using a smartphone to view the issues, some of our back issues are not available since we did not start offering issues for phones until early 2014.  We are working to update past issues and will update this question once that is complete.