80Wii U user TriamphantJ has created a new website MiiverseArt.com to share some of the incredible Miiverse art created using the Wii U GamePad.  This Miiverse artwork community already garnered the attention of well known Miiverse users or artists such as PixelEater, Machine3000, Shea (Macnasty), and MasterLinkX.

Miiverse Art is here to provide an online gallery of art from the Nintendo® Miiverse a video game community hosted by Nintendo® on their video game console the Wii U. If you like Miiverse art this is the place to be. Join. Snap. Post.

TriumphantJ tells Pure Nintendo why he created MiiverseArt.com “I enjoy viewing art created by others in Miiverse as well as creating it myself (Nintendo Network ID: TriumphantJ).  I desired to find a place online where one could view the vast gallery of art the Miiverse users have to offer.  I did not find a site specifically for this purpose so I set out to provided one myself.  Users join, snap pictures of their artwork (with a digital camera or screen capture device), and post them for all to see…The goal is to provide one place where all art can be viewed without having to browse through other comments or posts.  Nintendo plans to release an online platform for Miiverse soon, but some users would like an option to view and chat about art and artists today.  That is why MiiverseArt.com is here.”

So if you have Miiverse Art to share, head on over to MiiverseArt.com and ‘Join. Snap. Post.’