Lets Make A Pr Baseball Team

Let’s Make a Pro Baseball Team (DS/Sega/spring ‘08)

* 10 years = 1 cycle
* Some events only show up on replays
* After first play, select one of two options:
A: Keep money, skills, team
B: Draft all the special players first year
* Skills and parts from shops can be combined into special original skills

Everyones Common Sense TV

Everyone’s Common Sense TV (Wii/Nintendo/March 6th)

* Sort of like a quiz show based on common knowledge
* cuisine, business, manners, hobbies, and many more categoties
* WFC auto downloads new question English Of The Dead 

* Action game where you defeat hordes of zombies with the ‘power of English’
* Zombies attack with Japanese, you have to write the English translation on the screen
* 6 stages
* Training, Auto Listening modes

Our Video Exam

Our Video Game Exam(DS/Bandai-Namco/2008)

* Medley mode: play any games cleared
*”Win Her Heart!” includes Chihaya graphics
New Motifs:
* Splatterhouse
* Dragon Spirit
* Family Jockey
* Namco Classics 2

Soma Bringer 

Soma Bringer (DS/Nintendo/February 28th)

* three people can play the single-player scenario, and the game will pick up from wherever the host player last saved
* multicard play
* co-op item trade
* Adonis, Fedelta, Ambition, Gude
* preorder for a mini-soundtrack