Mega Man ZX Advent

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Gonintendo reported on a rumor of a new Mega Man game for the DS yesterday—well, it turns out the rumor came true a day later, fancy that.  It’s not …
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Rumor: Resident Evil Details

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Various rumors have been running around on the NeoGAF forums. They discuss some key elements about the upcoming Wii game Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Remember: These are just rumors
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Japanese Sales Jan 8-14

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The latest sales are in from Japan for this past week:

  1. Wii – 93,708
  2. DS Lite – 89,287
  3. PSP – 48,804
  4. PS3 – 25,531
  5. PS2 – 22,663
  6. Xbox 360 …
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DS Lite/Wii Hunt

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A common sight—SOLD OUT of Nintendo Wii

My friend Leo and I decided that we would go out and look around town for Wiis/DS Lites after our classes (We …
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Review: Call of Duty 3

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CoD 3 is a great game with fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay. When utilizing the Wii’s motion sensing capabilities; CoD 3 rises to the occasion. It incorporates a lot of moves that you can execute with both the Wiimote and nunchuk. You can do everything from reloading weapons, picking up items, taking control of gun turrets and tanks, and duke it out in hand to hand combat with enemies.

The single-player in CoD 3 is a great experience; and, unfortunately the only experience since there is no multiplayer. But I think focusing on making a compelling single-player experience really was better for the developers to do. I’d rather have an engrossing single-player and no multiplayer, than mediocre versions of single and multiplayer.

Anyways, the story mode starts off in the European theatre in France. You’re a new recruit and they put you right into the thick of battle. The missions gain in complexity and difficulty as the story progresses. Your superiors will give you more and more responsibility as well. They figure if you haven’t died yet, that you may be able to lead others to do the same. The gameplay revolves around taking out enemies from both far and short distances. Sometimes the battles are extremely fierce (especially in hard mode) when you’re in an open area. You literally have to duck and cover whenever you get the chance; otherwise, you go down fast!


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Sequel to Big N Franchise Soon?

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Big news here! Gonintendo got a tip about a sequel to an existing Nintendo franchise that will be announced soon. Nintendo Dream magazine is reporting on this news:

Nintendo …
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