If you saw my review for the Wii U version of this game, then you’re in for another disappointing game. However, Wii version is nothing like the Wii U version. Gone is the objective aspect—it is replaced with a poor excuse for a racing game.

There are only six racers to choose from. That’s right, only six racers in this game as opposed to others that have 8 or 12. Each snail has his or her own special attributes that make them stand out. One might have better speed, grip and so on. But don’t count on good steering. Playing the two-player mode with a friend of mine, we both noticed how terrible the handling really was. There were times where we even noticed the AI have difficulties. If you’re playing a game and the artificial intelligence is having issues, how confident does that make you feel as a gamer? Probably not too good.

There are game-breaking mechanics as well. For example: if you jump in the air and flip forward, you get a boost item. You can stack this up to three times for a bigger boost. You can also do this as many times as you want, thereby making the challenge, other than the terrible controls, non-existent. Lastly, there’s the respawn button. Hitting this button will cause you to respawn at a previous location if you wipe out while all the other racers go ahead of you. Why on earth would someone want this in a racing game? The world may never know.

But wait. What about the 3DS version? Well, it’s exactly the same as the Wii version with one difference. It’s strictly a single player game. No download or online play. Just the same bad game but in the palm of your hands.

Much like my Wii U version review, the same rules apply. If you have a kid that has seen the movie and loved it, he may like the game. If this does not apply to you, then I would pass this game up without giving it a second thought.