This week on the Pure Nintendo Podcast, Kirk and Jemma wrap up our month of spooky games with our final look at horror titles for the Nintendo Switch.

With halloween this week, Jemma has been playing a cute-yet-spooky title called Sunshine Manor. This retro-styled game focuses on exploration as you navigate a haunted mansion to help the ghosts trapped within and rescue your living friends, too.

Meanwhile, Kirk has been playing something slightly more dire called World of Horror. This title features an eerie black-and-white aesthetic as you navigate a mad world via turn-based battles. Kirk’s even been working on a review, so check out his final thoughts!

Last week, we talked about our first impressions of Super Mario Wonder, and we continue this chat with a look at our favorite badges and wonder moments. We also talk about our thoughts on the talking flowers, plus which new enemies we’ve encountered. There’s a lot to explore in this wonderful title, we’d love to know your thoughts as well!

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