We're on a roguelike to Hell.

Ever watched any of the myriad shows about demon hunting and though maybe the demons are getting the short end of the stick? Well, so does the Devil, and he’s out to exact some 18th century revenge in Rogue Lords for Nintendo Switch.

Having returned to New England at the time of the Salem Witch Trials, the Devil uses a team of evil “geniuses”—such as the Creature and Dr. Frankenstein—to get back at the demon hunters who defeated him ten years earlier.

With a team comprised of 3 Disciples, selected from amongst 9 famous evil geniuses, you have to make cunning use of each of their specific abilities and combine their powers to create devastating attacks to overcome the members of the Sanctua Lumen, a new sect devoted to hunting down your followers.

Rogue Lords mechanics include a unique blend of turn-based combat, interactive events and the Devil’s power to play by your own rules: modify your Disciples’ and opponents’ health gauges, swap bonuses and penalties to gain a tactical advantage in combat, open portals on the map to reach inaccessible places and force the scales to tip in your favour during interactive events. To defeat the forces of Good you will have to master the technique.

The PC version of Rogue Lords recently won first place in two categories at the NYX Game awards: “PC Game – Best Art direction” and “Best Character Design.” And if characters are the main draw, you’ll want to pick up the game before May 12th. Up until then, then “Day One Edition” will come with free skins for Dracula, Bloody Mary, and the Headless Horseman (a $2.99 value).

Rogue Lords is available now in the Nintendo eShop for $24.99.