IGN Wii is reporting on an interesting rumor about Okami (PS2) coming to the Wii.  Officially, this is just a rumor and Capcom has stated they do not plan to bring Okami to the Wii at this time.  Here’s the scoop from IGN:

Since Okami was released on PS2 last year in the States, it’s been apparent that Clover Studio’s epic game and the Wii seemed to go hand in hand, thanks to Nintendo’s motion sensing controller. However, today a reliable industry insider unaffiliated with Capcom told us that the company is seriously considering creating a Wii version and may even be working on it as we speak.

Isn’t it interesting how we’re hearing about all these Sony and M$ exclusive games coming to the Wii?  We’ll see what happens with this rumor.

Source: IGN Wii