Leipzig 2007

Leipzig 2007: Myst DS

Sorry Poor Quality.

Game Trailers Videos

With our site reaching its max in space on the server we still can’t post pics and videos.  So I am just going to post links to todays Game Trailers …
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Leipzig 2007: Cranium Kabookii Cam Trailer

One good thing about not being affiliated with any group or company is that I get to say almost anything I want, and no one can do anything about it. …
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Best of GC 2007: The winners Are Announced!

The Leipziger Messe has named this year’s winners of Best of GC, the fifth time the distinction has been awarded. The awards were made to nine products at a press …
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Leipzig 2007: Resident Evil UC: Repost

We posted the link to this video a day or seven ago. The video wasn’t always running probably so here it is again. Your Welcome.

Leipzig 2007 Ferrari Challenge Trailer Wii, DS

By  •  Wii, Videos

This looks like it could be a pretty cool racing game. I sure hope it’s nothing like GT Pro Racing because that was a terrible game. The graphics looked …
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