Videos Video games help kids learn, experts say

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BOSTON, Massachusetts (AP) — Parents, don’t put away those video games just yet — today’s gamer may be tomorrow’s top surgeon. Researchers who gathered in Boston for the American Psychological Association convention detailed a series of studies suggesting video games can be powerful learning tools — from increasing younger students’ problem-solving potential to improving the suturing skills of laparoscopic surgeons.

One study even looked at whether playing “World of Warcraft,” the world’s biggest multiplayer online game, can improve scientific thinking.

The conclusion? Certain types of video games can have benefits beyond the virtual thrills of blowing up demons.

In one Fordham University study, 122 students in fifth, sixth and seventh grades were asked to think out loud for 20 minutes while playing a game they had never seen before. Researchers studied the children’s statements to see if playing the game improved cognitive and perceptual skills.

While older children seemed more interested in just playing the game, younger children showed more interest in setting up a series of short-term goals needed to help them learn the game.
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“The younger kids are focusing more on their planning and problem solving while they are actually playing the game, while adolescents are focusing less on their planning and strategizing and more on the here and now,” said Fordham psychologist Fran Blumberg, who conducted the research last year and plans to submit it for publication. “They’re thinking less strategically than the younger kids.”

Studies by Iowa State University psychologist Douglas Gentile and Dr. James Rosser, head of minimally invasive surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, compared surgeons who play video games to those who don’t.

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Nintendo Channel updates

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Zelda Flute Game

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I am not sure what is with me right now and Zelda songs on the Flute. I have run across multiple videos of people playing Zelda songs on the flute. I have decided to play a little game on this Saturday, and test your Zelda melody knowledge. Below are some videos of people playing different melodies from different Zelda games. Can you figure out what each melody is? The answers will be after the jump.

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College Humor looks at Nintendo’s holiday lineup

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Nintendo Sends ‘Thank You’ Postcard

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I just received a really nice ‘Thank You’ post card from Nintendo for attending their E3 Media Briefing this year.  The thought was really nice Nintendo, but …
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Jo Garcia on Madden

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If Mega Man III Had Lyrics

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Nintendo Cooking Up A Storm At Edinburgh Interactive Festival

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Friday 8th August/… The Edinburgh Interactive Festival today announced Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What To Eat? will be showcased to the public with world class chefs making real dishes using only the game to guide them.

Going beyond the capabilities of printed cookbooks, Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What to Eat? will guide each budding chef step by step through all the processes involved in cooking a tasty dish by talking and guiding the player through each recipe. With its numerous international recipe choices, dish search options, videos and simple step-by-step guides to choosing, preparing and cooking a dish, turning even the most hesitant of cooks into confident chefs will be simple.

Featuring approximately 250 international dishes, finding the perfect recipe to cook has never been so fun! Broken down into easily searchable groups, discover the perfect dish by country, ingredient, difficulty level or even amount of calories to name but a few. There are so many options available everyone will be catered for.

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First Video Of Celebrity Sports Showdown

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Tenchu 4 Japanese Videos

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Japanese Kitteh Gameplay

Japanese Ball Kick Gameplay

Japanese Assassins Gameplay