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A Tribute Fit For The Comedic King, Robin Williams

August 17, 2014 | 2

An artist on Tumblr by the name of Oscar Joyo (warning: some of the other images are NSFW) has posted a drawing of Robin Williams as the King of Hyrule.  Not only is the sketch amazing but it is a tribute fit … Read More

Video: Wii U To Wii U System Transfer

August 17, 2014 |

With a recent Wii U system update Nintendo gave Wii U owners the capability to perform a system transfer between Wii U hardware.  Nintendomination gives us a look at the process in this short video below.

This transfer between … Read More

Video: Super Smash Bros. Fan Trailer – Mario Jumps into Battle!

August 17, 2014 |

Check out this very well done and quite humorous fan trailer for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

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Dorkly – Teenage Teenage Teenage Turtles (NSFW)

August 17, 2014 | 1

Warning: The following video may contain content inappropriate for younger audiences or some work environments. The video is provided for entertainment purposes and should be viewed at your own risk.

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Video: Mario Powers

August 17, 2014 |

Another short film from Pixel Storm Films. This one is gives us a peek into what it might be like having Mario Powers in real life.  Also check out their film where video games take over a small office.

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PN Review: Jett Tailfin

August 17, 2014 |

Poor games aren’t much fun to review.  Even more frustrating are poor games that actually have potential.  While some titles are just bad all around, others have a good foundation but fall victim to regrettable decisions.  Jett Tailfin is in … Read More