Just in case you missed the first trailer for Antipole, you can check it out below.

PN: Can you tell a little about the story behind Antipole?

A: About two years ago I had started working on the basics of a 2D platformer, hoping to create one in the future. When I mentioned this to a friend, he asked “How hard would it be to change gravity?” That discussion led us to explore different things we could do with gravity and resulted in us creating Antipole.

We began development on Antipole right around the same time as we applied to become Nintendo DS developers, so we didn’t know if we’d be able to release it on DSiWare or not. We targeted PC & Xbox Live Indie Games for the initial release, and then began work on the DSiWare release as soon as those versions were finished.

PN: Were did the name Antipole come from?

A: We wanted something simple that related the idea of flipping gravity between opposing directions. We settled on Antipole, which means “The opposite pole; anything diametrically opposed.”

PN: The use of gravity in the game is very interesting. Tell us how players use gravity in Antipole?

A: Players are equipped with a gravity manipulator which can be activated at any time by holding down the R button. It creates a bubble around you where the direction of gravity is reversed. Enemies and objects caught in the bubble will be affected by it as well. You can do things like fling enemies into spikes or send their own attacks back at them. Reversing gravity can also create new hazards, such as causing lethal pools of acid to flow up to the ceiling.

PN: Watching the trailer there seems to be an energy bar for the reversal of gravity. Is this true? If true, is that a set limit or can that be advanced later in the game? (ie longer time)

A: Yes, the gravity manipulator has limited power. When the device isn’t being used, it will automatically recharge if you’re standing on the ground. Each boss you defeat will provide an upgrade that makes the meter deplete slower.

PN: Is there any other weapons or skills the hero uses to get around in the game besides gravity and what looks like to be a gun?

A: We chose to keep the player’s skills simple – run, jump, shoot, and reverse gravity. The game explores that skill set in a variety of ways, challenging players to master the abilities they have.

For example, some levels are more puzzle oriented, challenging players to use their gravity ability to get keys, crates, or even enemies through the level to unlock the way forward.  Other levels further explore the concept of shifting gravity by increasing or decreasing the strength of gravity, as well as introducing enemies that are capable of reversing gravity themselves.

PN: Are there any different features/game modes beside the obvious story mode?

A: The main game can be played in Normal or Hard mode. Hard mode gives you a reduced life meter and a shorter time limit on your ability to reverse gravity.

In addition to the main game, there are also unlockable challenge levels. These levels are shorter than the main game levels but have a harder difficulty level. You gain access to them by collecting coins spread throughout the main game. Some of these coins are hidden while others are in plain sight but difficult to reach.

Every level has a target time to beat. If you can complete all the levels faster than the target times, you’ll unlock a bonus mode that lets you play the game with infinite power for the gravity manipulator.

Finally, there’s also a bonus mode exclusive to owners of our previous DSiWare game, Cosmos X2. This mode lets you play Antipole using the weapons from Cosmos X2.

PN: Was that real in-game music in the trailer? It sounded very epic.

A: Yes, we always use music from the game when making our trailers. The trailer uses a portion of a song found in the later levels of the game. If you enjoyed that, you will love the full soundtrack.

PN: I always like to end with this question. Why should someone buy Antipole?

A: Antipole provides 2D gaming fans with a unique twist on the classic gameplay they’re used to.

If you’re a fan of classic 2D platformers, you’ll find a game that builds off the things you love with new twists to provide a brand new experience. Antipole provides a solid challenge without being too frustrating, while also offering the option to step it up a level for gamers looking for a true test of their skills.