I kept the headline that MTV used for their interview with High Voltage. I thought it summed it up right.

MTV Multiplayer: Why do you think “The Conduit” will sell?

Kerry Ganofsky, CEO High Voltage Software: We feel that “The Conduit” offers gamers the chance to experience the Wii in the way that we all originally dreamed of. This is a gamer’s game, and we make no excuses for it. With incredible graphics, a captivating story, and completely customizable controls we are providing a complete package of gaming entertainment.

Rob Nicholls, lead designer: The game offers awesome graphics that we were able to achieve with our new Quantum 3 engine, and we’ve succeeded in pushing the graphical limits of the game on the Wii system. The engaging storyline as well as the deep gameplay, from the vast array of weapons players can use to defeat the enemy to being able to customize controls in real-time to the players liking, will offer gamers a satisfying gameplay experience. “The Conduit” has great features that will surely appeal to all types of gamers.

MTV Multiplayer: Do you think it will be a hard sell among the casual players?

Ganofsky: I do think that there will be some folks that are not interested in this sort of experience. We very purposefully developed this game for gamers, but it is also very accessible and the story is so interesting that we feel confident that most Wii owners will enjoy the ride.

Nicholls: Naturally, while we would love it if it happened, we don’t actually expect a lot of grandparents to be running and gunning with you. However, given the ease of our controls, the quality of our graphics, and the pleasing nature of our gameplay… we think “The Conduit” will appeal to quite a few casual players as well as the hardcore crowd.

MTV Multiplayer: Why do you think that there aren’t many games aimed at hardcore gamers on the Wii?

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