Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products, announced that the official website for the new “Let’s Play” products has been launched. At, children and parents will find plenty of information about the various titles within the line, which are released first for Nintendo DS™. Some of the games will later appear on other platforms as well.

The starting page welcomes visitors with the TV ad for the first games of the line. The individual product pages offer general game info, details of main features, and screenshots of the first published games: “LET’S PLAY FASHION DESIGNER”, “LET’S PLAY SCHOOLS”, “LET’S PLAY SHOPS”, “LET’S PLAY FIREMEN”, “LET’S PLAY MUMS”, and “LET’S PLAY PET HOSPITALS”. E-cards reflecting the topics are presented as well. Wallpapers, class schedules and a stationery template are available for download, and an individual “Let’s Play” sample can be ordered directly from the website. In addition, the section “Let’s Play for parents” offers mothers and fathers detailed information about the age ratings of the products. The let’s Play website provides interested children and their parents with valuable information in connection with the games.

The line-up of the new “Let’s Play” series initially consists of more than ten titles. The products cover a great variety of topics and address basic playing needs of girls and boys. The name of the series highlights the playful component of the titles, and also alludes to the typical behavior of children who like to take on various grown-up roles. These casual games open a door to the world of grown-ups in a playful and entertaining way. By taking on different roles, they learn, for instance, what it means to bare responsibility by taking care of small children or animals, or to show courage and creativity. Far from being patronizing, “Let’s Play” titles offer amusing mini-games, thus ensuring a well-balanced, motivating mix of fun and education.

The first six products within the line, “LET’S PLAY FASHION DESIGNER”, “LET’S PLAY SCHOOLS”, “LET’S PLAY SHOPS”, “LET’S PLAY FIREMEN”, “LET’S PLAY MUMS”, and “LET’S PLAY PET HOSPITALS”, all for Nintendo DS™, are already available in retail. Additional titles, and versions for other platforms, are to follow in 2009.