Recent studies show practicing yoga can ease back pain; “Yoga” for Wii’s targeted routines can help achieve similar results

Toronto, Canada – September 24, 2009 – JoWood Productions and DreamCatcher’s “Yoga” for Wii™ incorporates specialized routines for users suffering from back pain, common cold, headache, arthritis and other ailments. In a recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health, participants experienced a reduction in chronic back pain from practicing yoga regularly. These same benefits can be achieved through practicing the specialized routines of “Yoga” for Wii.

“In designing Yoga for Wii, we wanted to make sure that players are walking away with not only a great workout for the body but also for the mind,” says Markus Reutner, Marketing manager JoWood Productions. “We’ve done extensive research about yoga and the way it can affect different pains and incorporated that into Yoga for Wii.”

“Yoga” for Wii combines skillfully designed yoga routines with carefully researched information that provides an authentic yoga experience. Players will be able to participate in routines that target a specific ailment or pain. For instance, the back pain routine would consist of the following poses –the cobra, locust and corpse – all of which help strengthen back muscles. Other symptoms and areas addressed in the game include arthritis, common cold, abdominal weakness, headache and heart. Along with the pre-set routines, players will be able to explore the Yogshala and get an accurate understanding of the various techniques and benefits of yoga.

“Yoga” will be available this November on Wii. For more information visit

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